How can I apply or see if my family can obtain low income housing to purchase as I'm a single disabled parent

I have recently relocated from another state and would like to finish raising my children and would like to purchase a home so they have a steady foundation and security I'm partially disabled and only work part time and can not afford to purchase a new home we have overcome many obstacles and have survived many forms of abuse, they are in a very good school and I could'nt be more thankful as to all the help and kindness we have recieved and we love the small community we live in and would like to stay

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    1 decade ago
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    feel free to e-mail me directly. I would need to know the town/state you are located in but their are lots of programs for people just like you and would be glad to help. FREE of course.

    visit this site, they are a Non-Profit Organization that specializes in Helping you get FREE Downpayment Money. I do mean FREE

    Source(s): I have been selling and financing Real Estate for 25 years
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    1 decade ago

    Make sure you don't get in over your head with a huge mortgage payment as well as the many "what ifs" of ownership... taxes, maintenance, water/sewer fees, etc.; however, see if the organization below may be able to help you or direct you for additional help:

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