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hey does anyone know the ingredients for candles?

because my grandma wants me to help her make some and she forgot some steps

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    Use paraffin, beeswax, soy wax, or canning wax. Never melt wax over an open flame or directly on top of a burner; instead use a double boiler, or create the same effect by putting a pot of water on the burner and put another pot (with the wax in it) on top of the water pot. Wax is flammable, but it gives no warning before it bursts into flame. It will flame just like a grease fire. However when this method is used, the water pot should keep the wax from igniting. Never leave unattended wax on the burner. Note: You can use a microwave to melt your wax. Place shredded or chunks of wax in a Pyrex-glass measuring cup and place in the microwave on HIGH for 6 mins--checking after 3 mins. The final melting temperature should be 170 degrees. You can check with a candy thermometer. This is the time that you would put in your coloring and/or fragrance.

    Tint & Color

    Candles can be tinted or colored with food coloring, crayon bits, or candle coloring (available at craft stores). Add the color after the wax has melted, and just before the candle is made. The longer the colored wax is heated, the more the color will fade.

    Other Additives

    Stearic acid can be added. This will increase the firmness of the wax, aid in mold release, and help prevent the candle from losing its shape in warmer weather. You can also add a fragrance.

    My friend and I made candles like in colonial times. We tied a long piece of waxed string (the wick) to a twig and just started dunking the string in and out of a warm pan of wax. It took A LOT of dips! Another time, we made simple candles by pouring the warm wax into empty, frozen orange juice cans. We first tied the wick to a popsicle stick to keep it centered over the can. Once the wax hardened, we simply tore back the cardboard can to free the candle and cut off the the wick.

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    Making candles include the following:

    * Wax (paraffin, soy or other)

    * Additives such as dye, fragrance, etc.

    * Wick

    * Mold or container

    The BEST way I know to learn how to make candles is the excellent instructions here:

    It is basically melting the wax (the exact temp and safety measures are important), adding the additives, pour into the mold or container and wait for the candle to cool.

    Depends on the wax you use, you might need to do a repour. Paraffin usually needs a second pour, some soy waxes don't need it.

    A VERY easy way to make candles is buying a starting kit. They come with everything (including was, wicks, dye, fragrance, etc.), and you can make "real" candles by using them. Check online or just browse your local craft shop.

    And for all sorts of daily ideas, projects, news, tips and more candle making related information, you can visit my candle making blog:

    And - the most important thing - don't forget to have fun too :-) Good luck!



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    use beeswax

    get it in sheets and then put a wax in the middle and simply roll the wax around the wick

    u can cut out different coloured pieces and make little designs that stick on the main candle frame

    or you can roll 2 sheets of wax at the same time and get a cool spiral effect when you look down on them

    they smell really nice too

    my mom and i used to make them

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    It's just plain wax, which you can buy in 10 lb bricks at craft stores.

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