Another one for Christians out there: what do u say to...???

what do u say to someone who believes that all paths lead to Heaven? or some1 who believes good deeds can get u into Heaven? esp. if that person is ur mom!

The GOSPEL Journey explained these basic truths to me, and i whole-heartedly believe in them:

G-God created us to be with Him

O-Our sins separate us from God

S-Sins can't b removed by good deeds (salvation by faith alone is backed in the Bible. otherwise its like throwing a rock to the moon- u can't make it.)

P-Paying the price 4 our sins, Jesus died and rose again

E-Everyone believes in Him has eternal life

L-Life thats eternal means being with Jesus in Heaven 4ever!

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  • Tim 47
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    1 decade ago
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    That is beautiful.

    But did you ever stop and think that if God's plan at the beginning was to have people living on the earth, what could ever change that?

    True, Jesus made a covenant with his disciples to co-rule with him in his Kingdom, but the Kingdom they rule over includes those that live on the earth.

  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone just needs to make sure what they believe is in harmony with the Holy Bible.

    Jesus covered our sins, thus making it possible for us to have a relationship w/God. James 4:8

    Salvation is indeed a gift that we cannot earn, however James 1:19-2:26 Deals w/this very issue; the early congregation that James was addressing felt this way. James was by no means contradicting Paul, faith is the basis for salvation, but, there cannot be genuine faith that does not produce good works.

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