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when you are charged with more than one count can can each charge be a strike?

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    The charges would have to involve completely unrelated criminal acts for each to be counted as a strike. For instance, someone could rob a house with a gun and be charged with robbery and a gun offence, but that would be one strike, since both strikes are part of the same criminal act.

    The result would definitely depend on the exact situation and the construct of the three strikes law.

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    I'm no defense attorney but if each count is a felony and was the result of a separate act/offense then probably yes.

    For instance if a person assaults another person on 1st St. then rounds the corner and assaults someone else on Elm st. and then assaults yet a third person somewhere else (not that the location matters, it could have all happened on 1st St. and the crimes could be spread out over time, i.e. a week) then that person can be charged with 3 counts of assault. If he /she is convicted of all three counts the punishment will be tripled.

    so if a person already has one strike, say burglary, and then gets popped (convicted of) for two counts of something (and it could be two different things) then these count as the 2nd & 3rd strikes and this person is probably going down.

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    By a " strike " I take it you mean " the three strikes law " and Generally, In most cases, multiple counts under the same offense are all One Strike, Unless the State decides to charge

    and prosecute you on separate cases. In Texas the law has an

    enhancement clause, Meaning; If you have two misdemeanor

    convictions the State can enhance those conviction to a felony and prosecute you for a felony and give you felony TIME!.


  • 3 strikes was a law to deal with reocuring exconvicts but like anything the government gets a hold of they put peple away 25 to life for looking at a sign wrong

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    If all the charges were the result of one act then no. If you drive drunk, hit someone. flee, break into someones house to hide then its considered one act. But if you drive drunk one day, shoplift the next, steal a car the day after, then it's three different charges and see you in 25-life.

  • Anonymous
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    I believe so but not all offenses count as strikes.

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    Only if you're convicted and only if they're felonies, I think.

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    It can if the courts decide to .

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