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Do people who give advice involving no sex before marriage annoy you?

Some of us believe in no sex before marriage, others dont. Personally I believe that you should get as much experience as possible before you can know you have found the right person, you only live once. However I dont enforce my belief on anybody, i dont care what others believe as long as they dont push their beliefs on to me. Just as I wouldnt give advice to people telling them something against their beliefs, who do some people assume thi holier-than-thou attitude and tell me to wait until marriage for sex, in response to questions that dont even have anything to do with sex??

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    hell I just tell ppl that it isnt premarital sex if we dont plan on getting married...hehehe usualy shuts them up... xD

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    From what you've suggested, it sounds like she isn't in touch contained in the relationship anymore. She's performed you incorrect various cases with different adult men and also you've were given to beg her to take you lower back. She must be begging you to take her lower back. If she needed the relationship, she'd wrestle for it. It sounds like every time she cheats she makes use of it as an basic way out yet then feels undesirable whenever you come begging so she takes you lower back. you're saying she sounds bored and aggravated and monotone about the relationship. have self assurance your gut. you already know her heart isn't contained in the relationship. this is truthfully time to get your self over her and locate yet another female so that you'll locate a superb relationship and in no way bypass crawling lower back to this female. strong success!

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    I'm waiting till marriage myself, because it's right. I'm not perfect though, I've been close.... My girlfriend's also a virgin, and she's the same way. It's good advice to listen to, but people are gonna do what they want. It's your life, but I just pray you don't have a bunch of regrets someday.

  • peanut
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    ..... your'e right........ These people are living in a fantasy world,... that's divorced from reality,.. because theyre blinded by their simplistic stupidity!...

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  • Apple
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    1 decade ago

    I just smile and pay no attention to there comments.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    totally agree wit u...

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