need deciphering of color codes for Mad Catz-Component Video/Audio Cable-BGS060550?

have a Playstation 1...bought the new cables and have no idea which colors match to the original

red, yellow and white plugs. This new cable has 6 plugs.....but no white or yellow. It has blue, green, etc.

Can anyone help us? Thanks

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  • TV guy
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    1 decade ago
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    You bought component cables, but that's OK. Colors don't mean much, they are just there to help you.

    Composite is yellow video + Red/white for audio

    Component is Red/green/blue + 2 for audio

    Out of the 6 plugs, pick one, say green, and connect it to the yellow video on the PS, do the same on the other side

    yellow (PS) - Green plug -------------- Green Plug - Yellow (TV)

    Pick two others and connect audio. You are all set/

    Happy new Year

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