my stomach is bloated for a year and it gets bigger after i eat-looks like a lump.what is wrong with me?

I took an endescope and it revealed some inflation in my stomach. my stomach became like this in an arobics class and my doctor told me it is not a hurnea. i went to another doctor and he told me its the way i am-i know thats not true because i was not born like this i only became blaoted like this a year ago. please tell me whats wrong with me! i look preganent and i am definatly not preganent.

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    Ask your doctor to run some liver function tests. It could be ascites, which is an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. If I were you, I would read this site thoroughly and see my doctor. The doctor should do some blood tests and possibly refer you to a liver specialist. The more info you have the better you can take care of yourself. Liver disease can lead to cirrhosis, and is known as the "silent killer." Keep asking until someone give you an answer.

    Peace be with you!

    Source(s): I have non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.
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    I would get another opinion and have yourself tested for all food allergies, it's a simple blood test. A lot of food allergies can cause bloating...I had the same problem for years along with a few other stomach problems and I was finally diagnosed as having celiac disease which is an allergy to wheat and gluten. Totally fixed now with a gluten free diet.

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    Go back to the doctor and ask to have an ultrasound on your gall bladder.

    Gall stones that block your bile duct can cause bloating, particularly after eating. It is worst if you eat fatty foods like greasy French fries.

    If you also experience severe belching after eating, along with pain or discomfort just below the rib cage on your right side, it is probably gall bladder problems. Another symptom is light colored or chalky bowel movements.

    An endoscopic exam would not reveal problems with the gall bladder.


  • DeeDee
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    could you have an allergy or developed an allergy to Gluten?

    that tends to cause swelling/bloated look

    or lactose intollerant?

    how about getting a gluten test done by your doctor

    goodluck and hope you're ok

    i had similar problem where id bloat after eating to the point of looking pregnant and it came down to i had allergy to anything with gluten in it

    had tests done etc and yep,, gluten intollerance

    now i have to eat all this gluten free foods :(

    coeliac disease

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    Well maybe you are backed up, try eating a lot of fiber. Or maybe you are eating something that is giving you really bad gas. Maybe get tested to an allergic reaction to food, that used to happen to me when I had anything with peanuts

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    Go to any vitamin store or walmart, and get fiber tablets. They will get rid of any waste you have. Sometimes as we get older, our systems change. Sometimes our systems get sluggish.

    My doctor also said that fiber pills taken daily help to reduce cholesterol.

    Best of luck.

    GOD bless.

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    i have problems after i eat and it swells as well. you could have a hernia and irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Apple
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    you have have a big tumor!I'm having my gallbladder remove and it not swelling like that

  • Z
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    1 decade ago

    cancer maybe, digestive problems

  • Anonymous
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    You are fat

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