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How many NFL runningbacks have gained 2000+ yards and got 20+ touchdowns in a season? Who?

It doesn't matter that much, but if you would like to give more detail then please put year and team thanks! I am a huge football fan and I need to know this :)


LT didnt rush for over 2000 yards.

Update 2:

sorry i said total yards+tds in the question, so okay I'll take your answer.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Only Terrell Davis in 1998 had both a 2,000 yard season and 20 plus tds (23) in the same season.

    A list of the Five 2,000 yard rushers with td totals...

    1-1984 (16gp) Eric Dickerson-L.A Rams- 2,105 yds 14tds

    2-2003(16gp) Jamel Lewis-Baltimore- 2,066 yds 14 tds

    3-1997(16gp) Barry Sanders-Detroit- 2,053 yds 14 tds (11rush)

    4-1998(16gp) Terrell Davis-Denver- 2,008 yds 23 tds (21rush)

    5-1973(14gp) O.J. Simpson-Buffalo- 2,003 yds 12 tds

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  • 1 decade ago

    LT, this year, SD Chargers

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