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based on concepts of polarity and hydrogen bongding which of the following sequences correctly lists the?

compounds below in the order of their increasing solutbility in water?

Ch3-Ch2-CH2-Ch2-CH3 =x

Ch3-Ch2-Ch2-Ch2-OH = y







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    e. X<Y<Z


    X is an alkane. Its non-polar and has no Hydrogen bonding at all with water moecules.thus its immiscible with water.

    Hydrogen bonding between butanol( Ch3-Ch2-Ch2-Ch2-OH) and water molecules is quite significant...which is why it has moderate solubility.

    But Propandiol( ho-ch2-ch2-ch2-oh) has even more strong H-bonding with water molecules and thus z is more soluble than y

    Hydrogen bonding occurs between molecules where you have a hydrogen atom attached to one of the very electronegative elements - fluorine, oxygen or nitrogen.

    In the case of alcohols, there are hydrogen bonds set up between the slightly positive hydrogen atoms and lone pairs on oxygens in other molecules.

    In alkanes, the only intermolecular forces are van der Waals dispersion forces.

    The small alcohols are completely soluble in water. Whatever proportions you mix them in, you will get a single solution.

    However, solubility falls as the length of the hydrocarbon chain in the alcohol increases. Once you get to four carbons and beyond, the fall in solubility is noticeable, and you may well end up with two layers in your test tube.

    _______ _________ _______ _______

    Since Water itself is Polar.... and in solubility lile dissolves like is the thumb rule.

    Thus if the solut is more polar will have higher solubility in water.

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    More the number of hydrogen bonds more is the solubility.

    Compounds with inter molecular hydrogen bonding are more soluble than compounds with intra molecular hydrogen bonding.

    In the above question Z can form more hydrogen bonds compared to Y or X since it contains two OH groups.Hence Z is more soluble compound and Y contains one hydrogen bond and X cannot form hydrogen bonds.Hence Y is more soluble than X.

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