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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetInternet · 1 decade ago

I need help with my Myspace...HELP!!!1?

Everytime I try to log in on myspace it just keeps sending me back to the same page and telling me to try logging in again..I even made a new accout on with a new email address. I went to myspace help and this is what they said """"Please verify that you are logging in with the correct password and username. We also recommend clearing your browser's cookies and temporary internet files and then try logging in again. Note: Mac users should use Safari or Firefox for the best browsing results. If you have already tried the methods above, check to make sure your profile still exists by finding your profile on the site. Also, look for comments you posted on your friends' profiles. If you cannot find your profile, it may have been deleted. MySpace may delete profiles if they violate the site's Terms and conditions.""" SO i checked and my account is still there..Can you help...what does it mean by clear my browsers cookies??

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    We need more information. Which OS are you using? Which Browser?

    Depending on your OS and Browser, Cookies can be located within the application's preferences, or within your user's system settings.

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