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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar MakesHonda · 1 decade ago

Brand new car or newer used car?

I plan on buying a 2007 Civic Si but also looking at other alternatives. I like the RSX type S and SRT-4. Is it better to buy the Si new with full warranty and no miles, or buy a used RSX type or SRT-4, and take the risk of buying a used car. It will be my daily driver, which I plan to rice about. Just intake, exhaust, headers, bodykit, and maybe even a supercharger kit, bolt-on of course.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Heres the deal IMHO.

    When you buy a new car it drops considerably in value when you drive it off the lot. A newer used car like mine which was a low mileage rental was a great deal since I gained alot of value in price. That is what you need to consider. Is it more a value to have a brand new car or one with 10,000 miles in great shape?

    I hate the 5-10,000 drop driving a car off the lot myself. Depreciation is a bear!

  • 1 decade ago

    If money isn't a factor to you get the 2007 Civic Si. If it bugs you that you lose tons of money in depreciation on a new car, get the RSX type S or the SRT-4.

    The RSX type S has about 15 hp more and 5 ft-lbs more torque. That translates into a little better 0-60 time. Also, you wouldn't be taking too much risk with a used Honda/Acura. You could still get one under warranty, and those lower car payments would probably be comforting.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do some research because when Motor Trend tested the 06 si the RSX type s has consistently turned in faster 0-60 times. If money is an issue you can get a car with 20k miles on it and the remainder of the factory warranty. You would not lose if you do that. Also, even though I won't buy a Honda product (too many of em out there) they have a very high resale and I think the Neon is kind of ugly. My opinion.

  • 1 decade ago

    A new car and a car about two years old are about as likely as the other to break down. In short, there really isn't a risk with buying a car two or three years old. If I were you I would save the money and buy the SLIGHTLY used car. Besides, before adding a blower (supercharger, huffer, of whatever you want to call it) it would be best to wait until the engine is broken in good so if you go the new route you will need to wait a few months before adding a huffer. Also, if you do add a huffer, a stick may be a better choice of transmissions because auto trannies really don't like that much power being pumped through them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the problem with buying a new car is it costs too much, plus you

    have to break the motor in. I used to work in the sales and the service department of a dodge dealership and you save money on a buyback or just a used car. most buybacks usually only have 20-30 thousand kms so there is still alot of warranty left.

    plus the SRT-4 or SRT-8 series are a nice bunch of cars

    Source(s): used to work for dodge
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its really a toss - up give or take. There are advantages to buying new and to buying used. In your situation since you said you are planning on doing mods to the car, you would be better off going with used. If you buy a new car and start changing the headers and adding a supercharger you are just gonna void your warranty-so there is no sense in buying a new car. Thats just my opinion though.

    Now if you werent planning on any mods the new option might be the way to go.

  • 1 decade ago

    I bought my HONDA ELEMENT, slightly used...from a Honda Dealer. I got it with the 3-year Warranty beginning on the day of my purchase. Since it was 'CERTIFIED' by Honda, they tack on another 4 Years Warranty on the Power Train. So, not only was it LESS than a Brand-New one, it has a BETTER WARRANTY !! I'm a Happy Camper & I now am the proud Owner of the BEST car I've ever owned. The Element, IMHO, is Honda's Best Kept Secret. Shhhhhhh. Ever see any Used ones 4-Sale? Ever see them blatantly advertised on TV or Newspapers? Look under Honda - Used in the Classifieds...see any there? NOT...Is this a message or what? HELLO?'s made in OHIO!! (Maybe I should sell these cars?) lol..OK...OK...I'm REEEEAAAALLLLLY prejudiced to my ELEMENT!!.... gee ya think?

    Long Answer huh? I'm thinking buying a 'Newer-Used' car is the way-2-go....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Depends on the deal. If you do buy used get enough warranty to cover you in case you get a problem car. I have a RSX and didn't mod it. HP is only part of a fun car.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is nothing like a brand new stuff which you are the first hand user.Most used cars are sold after the first owner had fixed a problem that may have arised-the problem might resurface.An adage goes that 'until you start driving a used car you wouldnt know why the original owner sold it'.A brand new car cost less to maintain all things being equal.

    Source(s): I had driven a brand new RENAULT CLIO and I enjoyed my self compared to other times I drove used cars.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Used car to save on depreciation (most depreciation occurs within the first 12 months) and if it is a late model used car, there should be some manufacturer warranty left anyway.

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