is it possible for someone to have a speech problem like cleveland heep from lady in the water?

only if youve seen the movie, is it possible for someone to have that big of a speech problem like cleveland heep? Can u provide linkds if u can?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It wasn't an unusual problem. Just google stuttering and you should have literally thousands of links. How weird is it that you've never met anyone that stuttered?

  • 4 years ago

    keep talking mutually with your baby, clarify and use as many words as you may. through the time he's 3 if he does not have more desirable words MAKE the Dr. check out his listening to etc. yet undergo in concepts all little ones are different and improve at different prices. I actually have 2 that are 10 months aside. the first (almost 3)one talks a lot, she has countless words and talks in complete sentences. the different (almost 2) has some words (like your son) yet does not care to communicate a lot. Her sister on an same age had so a lot more desirable words. no opt to pressure!

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