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If I get aby skinnier then my ribs will show.?

I need to loose weight but If I get to much skinnier then my ribs will show.what do I do?

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    silly thing, if losing weight makes you look ugly, why on earth do you want to lose weight? For the number? You want to improve your body and make it look better. Exercise and eat the right kinds of foods. Weight lifting of various kinds at the gym can make you feel good and you also see good results after a few months. Play a sport, even if you aren't very good at it. Workk at it. Team sports are great for your health too. You can make your body look really fab and don't even think about a number on a scale.

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    Don't starve yourself, just work out, and you will develope cool muscles instead of looking like an ugly bag of bones.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not lose weight

    you're probably not even fat

    go here to see if you're overweight:

    i betcha it says you're not fat

    you're trying to look better right? Okay.. go here to see how to tone up(because you dont need to lose weight):

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    If your ribs show, that's normal. Most people's ribs show unless they are fat.

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