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I was told by an Old Navy Manager that they are having a great sale tomorrow. Forgot to ask opening time.?

I tried to call the store, but they did not answer the phone. Are all GAP, Inc. stores having a sale tomorrow and do they have a standard opening time?

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    How Old is this manager? I am in the market for a used Aircraft Carrier

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    You must be talking about new years day, and by this time you may have figured it out already since it's Jan. 4th...

    anyways, Old Navy was open on New Years Day. The store I work at was open from 10am-9pm Pretty much like a regular day which is 9a-9pm every day except Sundays (store hours may vary by location). There were between 15,000 and 20,000 units that got marked down on New years eve... so yes, there was a big sale. Lots of items were marked down to more than 50% off. Clearance prices are valid until the merchandise is depleted (completely sold through)... no doubt the merchandise will quickly get picked over, but this stuff will remain on sale... (except for new spring items which have been rolling in these past few weeks...)

    Source(s): I work at Old Navy.
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