i need some punch lines?

Does anyone have some good punch lines or joke that a dog and cat could share? Its for a comic for my friend and I am totally out of ideas for what a cat and dog would say that is funny!

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    1 decade ago
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    Try this; A guy went to a Doctor to get a second opinion. After consulting with the patient, the Dr. left the room & returned with a siamese cat, the cat proceeded to look at the man, walked around him a time or two & left the room, followed by the Dr. A minute or so passed & the Dr, came back in, this time accompanied by a labrador retriever. The dog looked at the man, then at the Doctor, and barked a couple times. Then the dog left the room. The amzed man asked the good Doctor, "What was all that for?" The Doctor explained. that in order to be thourough, he'd orderd a cat scan & the lab report.....

  • 1 decade ago

    skip the joke and just deliver the punchline "wrecked 'um? Damn near killed 'um" Just a classic line.

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