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How do you tell if someone's lying?

I been studying psychology for months, but i never figured out how to know if someone's lying. My question really asked how do you tell if someone's lying in ur face?

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    someone already said this but i'll say it again. lying has been correlated to people looking to the left when asked to tell the truth because they say that looking to the left triggers the right side of the brain (the creative side) showing that someone is trying to come up with a story to tell you. when i heard this i caught myself recognizing it when i was lying. however, that cannot always predict a liar. one thing you could do is to offer them something, say gum and see if they take it. see how long it takes them to take the piece of gum (keep offering it silently even if they refuse). if they take it you can gague how they withstand to pressure. that in conjunction with the eye bit can give you a less murky impression of if they are lying or not when asked than just going on the eye bit alone as some people are really good liars.

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    There are several ways:

    The person may avoid eye contact. (Although, this isn't necessarily always a sign; some people simply don't feel comfortable making direct eye contact.)

    The person's eyes may look to the left as they speak. (This is because if the person's eyes look to the right, they are accessing the brain's cerebral cortex where their memories are stored, both short and long term...but if they look to the left, they're accessing the brain's creative center, thus creating a story.)

    The person's expression/tone may sound "wooden," "stilted," and/or forced, such as doubtful, guilty, not confident, regreful and/or even fearful.

    The person's body language may be stiff and/or very still, instead of relaxed, because they're concentrating all their energy on the lie, leaving no energy for anything else.

    The person may physically distance himself/herself from you as they speak, such as putting objects between you and them.

    The person may give insignificant/irrelevant details, and oversimplify those, rather than just getting to the point.

    The person may shift and seem nervous, such as sweating when they shouldn't.

    The person's story itself sounds like it doesn't make sense, like it doesn't add up. The person obviously contradicts himself/herself. Probably an indication they're lying on top of lying.

    The person may abruptly/suddenly change the subject.

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    They usually say it with a doubtful, unconfident voice and expression. If the lie itself doesn't make sense, it is probably because that person is lying on top of another lie, and more lies on top of that lie... and it piles up. Soon, that person is on a dead end and can't think of any more to cover up for that last lie. If you're talking about physical appearances and actions, you usually can tell by their looks and voice. Just describe it in words. Unconfident, doubtful, regret, guilty... that kind of stuff... Hope that helped!

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    Well, asking them will not work. People who lie contradict themselves, and/or change their story if the reaction from listeners is not going well. Learn to be a good listener, and you will be able to tell if the person is not telling the truth.

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    - they avoid eye contact when they talk (but this is not always true because I don't like to have eye contact with people when i talk and i know i'm not lying)

    - expression in their face

    - tone in their voice

    - use your intuition or hunch. sometimes u just know it. i think this is the most reliable way.

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    By their eyes. If they look to their left they are lying. If they look to their right they are telling the truth.

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    They will not look you in the eye.

    Often their body appears "stiff" and not relaxed.

    They try to avoid the topic.

    They often shake their heads no when they say yes and shake their head yes when they say no.

    The tone of their voice is often different from usual.

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    well everyone has a tell some people can look straight at you and lie but usually the shift of eye contact, sweaty(palms,fidgety, and other things like that happen when people are lieing

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    If the person is before you he will avoid eye contact, He will go on saying many irrelevant things to make you believe,


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    They can't look you in the eye . They distance them-self from you while they talk to you . They're always on the defensive . They are easy to trip up because their stories are full of it . They give explanations that have nothing to do with the topic at hand .

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