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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusic · 1 decade ago

Dose anyone know any songs that will help you stop committing suicide?

I need a song that will help me stop thinking about killing myself--please help me!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Before I give you an actual answer, please understand, this is coming from someone who suffers from depression and has had suicidal thoughts in the past.

    Most people who commit suicide (or try to) have reached a point where they can't be reasoned with. They've convinced themselves their lives aren't worth living, and usually that the world would be better of without them. That's just not the case, but in the state of severe depression like that, emotions usually over-rule reason. Various things can help if you have rare thoughts of suicide, but either way, songs, talking to friends, even trying to count your blessings are not always effective, so the best bet is always to speak to someone who can help you as a professional, since it's what they do regularly. Seek counseling through church, a support group, your physician, a psychiatrist/psychologist, and/or a behavioral health center. Putting yourself into the hands of professionals can help you live not only a longer life, but a happier life.

    There is nothing shameful, weak, or weird about seeking help, and while those of us on here can try to offer "band-aids for the soul", only your doctor or counselor can work with you on the deep issues and help you learn to cope on a long-term basis.


    Because of You (Kelly Clarkson) - Most people who commit suicide have some belief that the people they love would be better off without them. I don't know that this song is actually about committing suicide, but I think it shows a similar feeling of a person who is left behind when a loved one kills themself. The song reflects the way the people who were left behind ("for their own good," as the person who committed suicide claims) have changed lives, but the change is definately not for the better.

    What Hurts the Most (Rascal Flatts) - it's the same kind of thing as the first. The chorus is "What hurts the most was being so close, and having so much to say, and having you walk away, and never knowing what could of been, and not seeing, not loving you, that's what I was trying to do." It doesn't really talk about suicide, but that's a feeling that most people have when left behind.

    No More (from Into the Woods) -

    No more questions. Please.

    No more tests.

    Comes the day we say "What for?"


    No more.


    They disappoint, they disappear, they die but they don't

    They disappoint in turn, I fear, forgive, though we won't.


    No more riddles.

    No more tests.

    No more curses you can't undo

    Left by fathers you never knew.

    No more quests.

    No more feelings.

    Time to shut the door.

    No more.


    Running away, let's do it.

    Free from the ties that bind.

    No more dispair or burdens to bear

    Out there in the yonder.

    Running away, go to it.

    Where did you have in mind?

    Have to take care, unless there's a "where"

    You'll only be wandering blind.

    Just more questions -- different kind.

    Where are we to go?

    Where are we ever to go?

    Running away, let's do it.

    Why sit around resigned?

    Trouble is, son,

    The farther your run,

    The more you feel undefined

    By what you have left undone.

    And more, what you've left behind.

    We disappoint, we disappear,

    We die but we don't.

    We disappoint, we disappear,

    Forget, though we won't.

    Like father, like son.


    No more giants waging war.

    Can't we just pursue our lives

    With our children and our wives

    Til that happier day arrives....

    How do you ignore all the witches?

    All the curses? All the wolves,

    All the lies, the false hopes,

    The goodbyes, the reverses?

    All the wondering what even worse

    Is still in store?

    All the children.....

    All the giants......

    No more.

    I include this song, which I admit could sound like encouragement to commit suicide when taken out of context, to show the line "We disappoint, we disappear, we die but we don't." If you commit suicide, you're not gone. You're haunting the people who do love you, and often leaving them to go through some very difficult feelings of the typical grief topped by anger, confusion or resentment.

    In my own experiences, finally realizing that I would be hurting people much more by killing myself than by being here was the most effective "over the counter" tool to keep me from thinking about suicide.

    I hope you can see that you can make your life better, rather than ending it when it's bad right now.

    Best of luck to you, and you'll be in my prayers.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's a new year my friend, dont give up now you never know what's in store for you. Life is full of possibility's, killing yourself ends all that.

    You Get What You Give

    New Radicals

    Wake up kids

    We've got the dreamers disease

    Age fourteen

    They got you down on your knees

    So polite

    You're busy still saying please


    Who when you're down ain't your friend

    Every night

    We smash their mercedes-benz

    First we run

    And then we laugh 'til we cry

    But when the night is falling

    And you cannot find the light

    If you feel your dream is dying

    Hold tight

    You've got the music in you

    Don't let go

    You've got the music in you

    One dance left

    This world is gonna pull through

    Don't give up

    You've got a reason to live

    Can't forget

    We only get what we give

    Four a.m. we ran the miracle mile

    We're flat broke

    But hey we do it in style

    The bad rich

    God's flying in for your trial

    But when the night is falling

    And you cannot find a friend

    You feel your tree is breaking

    Just bend

    You've got the music in you

    Don't let go

    You've got the music in you

    One dance left

    The world is gonna pull through

    Don't give up

    You've got a reason to live

    Can't forget

    We only get what we give

    This whole damn world can fall apart

    You'll be ok follow your heart

    You're in harms way I'm right behind

    Now say you're mine

    You've got the music in you

    Don't let go

    You've got the music in you

    One dance left

    The world is gonna pull through

    Don't give up

    You've got a reason to live

    Can't forget

    We only get what we give

    Don't let go

    I feel the music in you

    Fly high

    What's real can't die

    You only get what you give

    You're gonna get what you give

    Just don't be afraid to leave

    Health insurance rip off lying

    FDA big bankers buying

    Fake computer crashes dining

    Cloning while they're multiplying

    Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson

    Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson

    You're all fakes run to your mansions

    Come round here we'll kick your asses

  • 1 decade ago

    Kyle, you need to call 911 and/or the National Suicide Hotline. BELIEVE ME, I'VE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE!!! I was quite depressed and suicidal the first couple of weeks of this year (2006) Actually, I went through several months where I was quite depressed, but we're talking about YOU!!

    DEFINITELY CALL 911 and let them know that you are feeling suicidal!! I turned my mental health around this year due to the right psychiatrist and medication. You may or may not need medication, but you should DEFINITELY talk to a psychiatrist!!!!

    Having said all of that, I can think of a good anti-suicide song: The New Radicals, "You Get What You Give".

    Source(s): My own battle with depression.
  • 1 decade ago

    Run, don't walk to the nearest phone and the toll free number

    for suicide. Set up an appointment to talk with a counselor and

    tell as many friends as possible about your thoughts. Talk to family and clergy person as well. Get a support group going.

    Get off of here and call that 1 800 number locate in the front

    of your phone book. Do this now. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would say that listening to music is not the best choice if you're thinking about suicide... I would talk to someone.

    I will suggest a song though. Listen to Cheer Up by Reel Big Fish. It has a nice name and it's just good all around! I absolutely love that song!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sugar, a song usually cant make you stop thinking about killing yourself. I know you've probably heard this from hundred of other people, but talk to someone. It doesnt matter who- unless they're going to tell you to go a head and do it. DONT. You're better than that. You have more than that to prove. I'm sorry, but I dont have a good song to tell you. All I listen to is country, and everyone I talk to doesnt like country. But if you really want to think hard, contact me and I will.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the seconod asnwere is right Hold on by Good Charlotte is one that i use when i want to end it all. It has helped me numerous time, and i am still alive here today! just listen to it when u are felling down and memorize it when u are not near a song source sing it out loud or in ur head, especlliy the chorus, and u will be felling better!

    Source(s): years of depperssion and sucidal thoughts, but NO MORE!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Love Rollercoaster


    Backstreet boys - Larger than Life

    We are the Champions - Queen

    Imagine - John Lennon

    You might feel really bad now but I guarantee you will be happy in the future! Remember what it's like to be happy!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "He's watching over you" by Michelle Tumes

    "You are loved" by Rebecca St. James

    And please seek some counseling right away from a youth pastor at a church! Please don't kill've got everything to live for. Killing yourself for momentary solace will only produce a lifetime of torment in hell. Give Jesus a chance. He loves you more than you can even dream. You know he died on the cross for your sins, and right now he's probably shedding a tear or two because he does not like to see you suffer.

  • 1 decade ago

    Save Me - Remy Zero

    The Lord Works in a Strange Way - Corey Smith

    All in All - Life house

    And Babe, don't do it. We've all been there, but I'm sure if you really think about it , you can find a million reasons why you should live. God Bless You!!

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