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Why could we find hussein and executed him but know Osama whereabout?

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    Osama is hiding in a strongly Islamic area of Pakistan where he is surrounded by friends. Saddam, a Socialist dictator, hid in Iraq where he brutalized people, finally inspiring some of them to violate their Muslim duty by exposing Saddam and his sons to US troops.

    Muslims have an obligation to protect another Muslim who asks for shelter. Saddam's personal doctor explained that, even though he hated Saddam and would like to kill him, he would not violate his Muslim duty if Saddam asked him for shelter.

    Osama is among people who are his close Islamist allies.

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    Hussein was not protected by the wealthy family that is the bin laden family. Also is Osama has brothers and family members that are part of the Saudia royal family that is why we can not get him, to dangerous to find him and bring him to justice we might lose our ties with the royal family and of course the oil

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    We are looking for Osama too, he is just hiding better than Hussein is. We got some very important tips that helped us find him

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    Osama is hiding in a mountainous region in the northern

    part of Pakistan on the border of Kashmir and he has too many supporters, but one of these days, someone is going to turn him in for the reward money and it has increased.

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    Osama died in December 2001, but he's been used as a propaganda selling point for the War on Terrah, so they can't possibly let on that he's dead.

    speakeasy: Source please? If you know that he's still alive, and where he's at, why can't our government convince the Pakistanis to either get him themselves, or let American soldiers come in and take him? Why did Bush pretty much dismiss the necessity of catching Osama 6 months post-9/11? And that bit about "their Muslim duty" not to nark out Saddam is a crock of grade-A horse feces. Mainstream Islam does NOT teach its adherents to protect murderous war criminals, least of all ones that murder Islamic brothers. Parroting FOX propaganda like that will NOT convince people you're right, especially when you can be flat out PROVEN to be lying. Grow up, and debate on the issues instead of whoring yourself for PNAC/AIPAC.

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    A fellow Iraqi dropped a dime on Saddam. Osama is in a cave surrounded by his friends. Saddam had few friends, and with as many son in laws as he murdered he wasn't that welcome in the family fold either.

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    Osama is hiding at John Kerry's house.

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    He's living in a Pakistani generals pool house.

    We aren't in Pakistan

    Hussein had shot all his Generals.

    We are in Iraq.

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    And why was the one and only plane allowed to leave U.S.A. after 911, filled with Bin Ladin's? 49 or 50, I think?

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    It because my brother is Osama's lover and he hiding him.

    Source(s): True story.
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