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s h asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 decade ago

What is the mental deficiency with some americans being so happy about saddam's execution?

Sorry, I pressed the delete button---I have re-posted the question and my answers.

Yea, he was a bad man. But why the **** (I american) do some americans revel in his execution. Who are YOU to throw the first rock? Or be all,,,haha, see, a dictator got what he deserved...only the complascent flip-flop ******* like us survive...hahahaha.

That is the kind of vibe I get. What da hell does Saddam have to do with the war in Iraq? There are many other dictators mind you, with worse human rights records, such as russia, china, asia and north korea...for you to start pulling that ***** ****.

No, its not fair, that you excert this emotionally unbalanced mongoloid philosophy on a guy who lost his life. Yea, maybe he deserved to die...but that YOU justify have no are not Iraqui, and you don't know ther realities out of your little gay bubble in america.

America is not the 'judger' of all beings....That GIVES AN INCREDIBLY BAD IMAGE PEOPLE....


And take my word for it...if you keep on pulling that **** its going to bite us

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21 hours ago

in the ***. ..

And don't think just because we are so powerful militarily people cannot react to our injust and chemically unbalanced reaction.

They will react economically. Iran may retaliate with oil with Venezuela...China and Russia may start putting trade pressures just for the hell of it.

And our economy WILL suffer for your retarded notions. America is not the 'moral high ground' (if anything the moral high)---who the hell are we to judge?...we don't have the right to judge other leaders and CHEER at their execution...wat da hell is the matter with you.

It comes down to emotional can always detect unfairness...when there is anger...and judging from the reactions:

Update 2:

and from blogs....the global 'sense' is not good...I see and 'feel' resentment from this....and the feeling can be conveyed by the reasons above...It is NOT fair.

saddam's exection may have been done more fair...but what is a definite

21 hours ago

NO NO cheering at the execution

That is INIVITING terrorist attacks.

jesus christ.

21 hours ago

BB player...

The shia muslims are NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS. They were the ones that had to put up with the asshole of saddam...THEY CAN CHEER if they want...I don't know they culture...I don't know the circumstances...I know the history...BUT I WAS NEVER THERE...

so you have no right to cheer, it just gives a bad vibe of a ***** american to the rest of the world...and feeds the stereotypes that all americans are complascent flip-flops who think they can judge any person in the world according to a convoluted, hypocritical and biased moral guideline. It causes hatred and resentment. That's all p

Update 3:

pal. Jus don't do it again.


James J...

I was referring to the American reaction to the execution.. I did not go into the petty arguement of whether it was rigged or not. Its pretty clear he was judged in an Iraqui court.

See that article on how some americans reacted:

I thought this was ridiculous.Yea, I am American. I write fast-- Concerning my grammar---give me 2 days and I'll get back to you.

20 hours ago

James J...

I was referring to the American reaction to the execution.. I did not go into the petty arguement of whether it was rigged or not. Its pretty clear he was judged in an Iraqui court.

See that article on how some americans reacted:

I thought this was ridiculous.Yea, I am American. I write fast-- Concerning my grammar---give me 2 days and I'll get back to you.

14 minutes ago

aavendano, if you are army, and you have honestly feel really raged about the fact that buddies o

Update 4:

of yours are getting shot all means, rejoice all you want.

But, if your a dweeb in pijamas never to have gone to war...Then I suggest you lock your nutcase and please stop annoying me.

5 minutes ago


The message is this:: Do not rejoice in the death of a leader because of this 'JUSTICE' that you seem to revel in by judging such a leader ....because in doing so, you are throwing the first rock—and who is America, to be the first to judge? When in fact, injustice exists in the way America deals with the world as well as the inherent injustice in the world that America does not recognize:

Example: Israel has violated many more human rights violations than Iran...complains from America: ZERO

Update 5:

Russia, Putin, has been the worst example of democracy (and quite effective, mind you, in guarding its resources): NO economic pressure from America.

Iran claims to be developing nuclear capabilities (for peaceful purposes) and sponsored the numerous terrorists that kill Americans every single day.....what does America do?

invite him (the president of Iran) on CNN, who desired to kill millions of innocent people. Yet revels at the killing of the Iraqui leader they put in power and said nothing about his injustice as long as he was on the 'good guy's side' ...? They say its because of his injustice….but if you are reveling about his execution due to Saddam’s injustice….THEN you should show the same reaction toward many others….which you don’t….so…

0 seconds ago

What kind of mentally lopsided and emotionally unbalanced policy is this?....I have not even mentioned Venezuela, North Korea Darfur, Sudan or China...

Update 6:

This is what it comes down to…if America REALLY feels that aggressive about injustice of control and dictatorship to keep a populace under control…then why allow Puttin? O, really, it’s the genocide? Then why allow Sudan? Why is the president of Iran on CNN when he is committed to killing millions of people? ---should America not react in a BALANCED way….and desire the president of Iran killed, just as the president of Iraq? NO, America makes the president of Iran into a superstar—And cowers in pussy reveling at the captured leader’s (of Iraq) exectution.

The thing is this....America does things to further its interests. It has a biased policy with an increrdibly INHERENT INJUSTICE at the core of the policy and its 'moral high'-----so to crucify a leader out of 'justice' and revel in it...does not come off very well when you have inherently unjust policies.

Update 7:

Concidering that you tried to attack my arguements...there you everybody is CLEAR on what is going on. That is why I answered.

I could really give a **** what you think about my grammar or intelligence.

have a happy new year 

Update 8:

The question mark was a :)

Update 9:

Furthermore, you mentioned something about me trying to attract 'intelligent audiences' ---I don't concider you any more intelligent than the poor homeless dumbass I see everyday going home and give him a coin.

Yea, I don't have good grammar, I am not writting for a newspaper...I am writting on yahoo answers...So if you get up-tight because you see bad grammar on the internet...then you have more serious problems to worry about.

Furthermore, the people who usually complain about grammar, are that retarded gay liberals who come and are 'offended' by absolutely I don't usually give respect to those who complain about that...


if you were anywhere a decent person, you would have complained about the profanity and made a slight but wise anectode about the situation and my grammar....not go into this gay *** politically correct sherade...

Hope you understand me a little better now :)

Update 10:


all americans? You see, just as I pound on the unbalanced reaction from the left---I pound on unbalanced reactions from the right:

The extreme right and the extreme left are the same person...They are the same unbalanced deushbag shouting across the river, but just found themselves on different sides.

First of all, the death penalty DOES deter crime. Second of all, I disagree with the assertion that ALL americans like bloodlust....

Yes, the american mentality is go into the country, win against the bad guys...and yey...we come back quickly to glory. Unfortunately, the world does not work that way. That is a seperate issue from bloodlust.

If you wanted bloodlust, you would see wouldn't revel at someone telling you saddam was roped around the neck in some shady place in the middle east...

Bloodlust IS, I beleive, however, engaged....but it means different things to different factions (different mentalities):

gay (lame) liberals---everybody must conform

Update 11:

to the ideology...and only certain dictator sshould be killed or frowned upon...because we can't frown upon everybody because we don't have them under our control---we think we are righteous and just in our reveling of a man's death---even though we have unbalanced and unfair foreign policy depending on the country...and make iran's president into a superhero even though he has pledged to kill millions...

and...we support Israel and do not complain about its violations because of the money...but don't worry, we're completely righteous and educated and all, now come on.

Extreme right: Every single being on the planet must fend for themselves and kill every single dictator that stands between us and glory and our resources...We should revel in bloodlust just as our ancestors banged with bones on rocks and got excited....Its really really fun.

and most of the unbalanced people who conform to the drifts from the two ideologies:

Update 12:

A flip-flop who secretly would squel to do anything risky...but revels in the 'righteousness' of killing someone who was a dictator and 'brazingly evil and unjust' ....because although he is unjust...he doesn't want to reveal it because he doesn't have the guts to show it like saddam....

resents the power of someone who is not elected, or anyone who doesn't 'conform' to the group.....trying to cut the balls of those who go against anything that was conformed...

so these retards, have even a worse f'up and unbalanced mentality...because they don't even revel in a lospided perceived 'justice' of the hanging.

Theyjust revel in his demise because they are too much of a pussy NOT to unconform...and would be unjust...but are too much of a pussy to express it.

So that shows the span of unbalanced mentality...from the good but retarded, to the evil and gay and retarded.

So no...your assertions are ridiculous...your a nutcase...and if you really waned bloodlust see saw and don't

Update 13:

giggle in the closet like a little girl at the killing of some guy, you have never seen...who they said was hanged.

saw is a stupid and retarded movie if you detach yourself from the carnage...It feeds on the insecurities and musings of certain people...Its a bad movie...and if your into that...I bet it will satiate you until you feel like you have to dress in your grandma's prom dress and try something else..

have a nice new year...fireworks--have to go.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Americans love killing--period. We don't care about the individual personalities involved or the circumstances. We're simply drunk on the notion of killing as a means to an end--ANY end. Look at our movies. Watch our TV shows. Study our history. It is all a glorification of carnage. America is still one of the few "civilized" countries to maintain the death penalty, even though study after study has confirmed over and over that it does not in any way deter crime--in fact, in its own backward way, it celebrates it. Americans call it "justice" because they cannot bring themsleves to call it by its true name: bloodlust.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't love execution but I don't like how he hurt his own people and he was also behind the 911 attack. The question is what does the bible say and the bible clearly said if you live by the sword you die by the sword. we have a free choice we can either live on the good side or we can live on the evil side he choose evil. I forgive him cause he did not what he was doing. the other thing when we do good God blesses us when we do bad God punishes us. justice belongs to the Lord not to us but it does belong to the the justice system. The court can decide what happens when we do wrong this was the cause with Saddam.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have you watched TV lately? Have you not seen all the murders he committed on innocent people? American's care about other people - - period. Everyone has rights. We are free to express ourselves and want everyone else to be able to be the same way. Look at what you wrote.... if it wasn't for others fighting for you to be free, you wouldn't be able to express yourself.

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