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What are the benefits of getting a federal job?

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    Here are the benefits:

    1) Get better non-monetary benefits (such as health insurance, pension, more time off, early retirement) than you would almost anywhere in private industry.

    2) You are not expected to work hard or perform quality work in the government. Basically just clock in, put in your 8 hours, clock out, take no work home with you, who cares if it's done correctly or not. This is very different than private industry, in which you work late hours, weekends, holidays, vacations, take work home with you, on call 24/7 with blackberries..etc...with no overtime pay then you are evaluated, expected to perform quality work, expected to develop new business,,,etc,,

    3) In the government, you get paid overtime if you do somehow work extra. In private industry, only the absolute lowest rung of the ladder qualify for overtime pay, while everyone else is expected to work uncompensated overtime.

    4) Government employees often get huge private offices, even the rank and file. Taxpayer dollars actually support this for some reason. In private industry, even senior level people who add tremendous value, often just get cubes or "hoteling" cubes that they share with others.

    5) You can't get fired in the government unless you commit a serious crime on the job, and even then you might not be. In private industry, your employer can fire you at their whim for the slightest thing.


    1) You make much less money than private industry, although perhaps not per hour actually worked, but per year, most certainly.

    2) Your government co-workers will be disgraceful, unmotivated people with no self-respect. All they will talk about is when is the next COLA increase, how many days until retirement, how they wished they had "called in sick today", and who is going to style their hair and file their nails on their next "sick" day.

    3) Much of the government still requires formal attire, which private industry is moving away from towards business casual.

    Source(s): As a contractor in private industry, worked with numerous government employees at many different agencies off and on over last 15 years.
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    Federal government jobs are not always better than the jobs in the private sector. The federal government usually pay the above average wages to start with. In the long run, federal employee usually lag behind the private sector in term of salary increase.

    It is not always true that federal government offer you job security. I have seen many government employee got lay off due to contract out and privatization. I was one of them.

    In term of benefit, they are not that well off either. I worked for a private company. For the past years, I got several hundred dollars bonus from my boss in Chritsmas. With the federal Governemnet, I got nothing.

    It might be true that you get very good sick benefit with the government. I knew federal employee abuse their sick benefit. They call in sick whenever they want to take a day off. Because if you don't use them, you could lose them when you quit. My employer offers us bonus day off each year. If I don't have any sick leave during the year, I got two days bouns day off.

    I got salary increase twice a year with my present employer. As the company makes more money, so does the empoyee. With the federal government, my wages was fixed. It was based on the union contract.

    My pay check after deduction with the government is not really that much because they took a lot for my Superannuation (a retirement fund which is mandatory for federal employee), surgical insurance, etc. So you get a good benefit package, but it also cost you a lot.

    My advise is that, if you have a good education and are very smart, find a job with a good company. As you probably know, many CEOs in large corporations get several millions dollars in bonuses. It is something you never heard in the federal government.

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    There are several benefits that come with having a federal job; most notably of course is the security. The government isn't going away anytime soon, so as long as your performance is satisfactory you can expect to earn a paycheck.

    As a federal employee I get paid on all holidays whether I work them or not (don't forget as some here have that some jobs require you work on holidays), am part of a generous retirement program, get low rates for health insurance, and guaranteed annual/sick leave.

    Unless you can find the same work in the private sector that pays better, you really can't go wrong as a federal employee.

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    A lot of holidays off. I get 11 each year.

    A lot of vacation days. I get 20 each year.

    A lot of sick time saved up for when you really get sick. I have got 4 months of sick time saved up.

    Work 40 hours a week, 1/2 or 1 hour lunch. 2 hours if you are management.

    A LOT of perks on the job.

    Decent people with honest jobs.

    Bank accounts just for you.

    Retirement accounts just for you.

    Vacation and travel offers, just for you.

    And this can be state, county, and local government jobs.

    Source(s): Civil servant for 20 years.
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    You would get Monday off for New Years Day and you would also get Tuesday off to remember Gerald Ford. All paid with our tax dollars of course.

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    Fairly decent pay, good benefits, good job security.

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    You get to sit on your *** all day, do nothing, collect a paycheck, great benefits, great retirement plan and it is practically impossible to get fired

    Source(s): Former Fed employee
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