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Anonymous asked in Environment · 1 decade ago

Why do some people still refuse to accept global warming?

It is considered a fact by most. I understand if someone has doubts as to whether or not humans are causing global warming but a refusal to accept the simple fact that it is occurring is dangerous.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some folks confuse "global warming" with "man-made global warming"

    The Earths climate changes statistically over the eons; why else would we have oil in Alaska- (the organic chemical process that causes oil to be produced from rotting matter does not work below 0 degrees F)

    This could be caused by Ozone depletion, carbon dioxide imbalance, sun spots, changes in earth's distance to the sun or any number of things.

    The issue of global warming is a statistical mathematical formula of temperature change at numerous measuring points over time.

    The Cause is up for debate.

    Confused people people argue the fact rather than the cause .

  • Kes
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    The issue of global warming has become so politicized that minds are set for and against it regardless of the facts. What is needed is continued solid scientific investigation. Few who ardently believe in global warming have altered their life style by pulling their main circuit breaker and walking instead of using fuel-consuming vehicles. People should actually vote with their life style rather than insisting everyone else solve the problem. The most important issue should be to avoid any atmospheric changes that could tilt global warming out of control because they are not self-correcting. Solid scientific models could show that the earth is warming short term but cooling long term. It is not as simple as some claim.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. We have 30 or at most 300 years of information about global temperatures now consider the Earth is about 5 billion + had for me to think we have enough statical information.

    2. Those who study climates can't agree.

    3. Al Gore made such a definitive statement that debate is over. I know nobody worth their salt in science to make such a claim.

    4. Causes so far given:

    a. Too much pollution

    b. Too little pollution

    c. Burning fossile fuels

    d. farm the Earth for the last 2000 years

    e. Sun Activity

    f. Volcanic activity

    g. Cows farting

    h. Smokers ( Al Gore's idea)

    Now these are the same people who said we need to dump fluro carbons for holes in ozone and we did to find out later that holes in the Ozone still are cycling. Yet all the big companies made a killing on coming up with the replacements.

    The can't predict the weather a few days in advance any better than 60% and we are to believe they know with out a doubt they know what is going to happen in 100 years without question.

    There are plenty of people who have doubts.

    Also we are to believe the man who claim to invent the internet?

  • 1 decade ago

    I can think of at least two reasons. One is an inherent shortsightedness we all have which makes it difficult to view the bigger picture and what the future will bring. Related to this is a general lack of understanding of what science is. Most folks do not know the difference between theory as used in everyday language and scientific theory, which represents an explanation backed by much evidence and which can have great predictive power (mathematically speaking). I believe there is much propaganda put out by special interest groups that plays on this misunderstanding of what science is and what it can teach us making the public unsure of what the correct answers are on a number of topics, not just climate change.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I saw The Inconvenient Truth too..... I guess it's because they're stubborn and extremely ignorant... But they say within the next 50 years all the polar ice will be gone and within the next 100 years we'll be headed into the next ice age... I wish more people cared about it.. maybe we could do something about it or at least slow it down... By the time people slow down enough to realize that everything they've been told was right, it's gonna be too late... We humans have done an awful job of taking care of this planet

  • Caper
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately, it's all about money. Businesses don't care if the next generation of people die. They only care about their profits. Curbing the practices that cause global warming would challenge businesses to do things differently. The business world is notoriously stupid when it comes to changing. So, those that support profits for big business regardless of the consequences are denying there is a problem. Ugly isn't it?

  • It depends of each individual. with some that is because they are afraid to face this incovenient true, so they prefer to ignor it. Some other is just pure ignorance, they do not realized that wasting natural resources will bring desaster. Some other do not care. But in general we live in an era of egoistic people who do not give a >>> for what happens. they are like the ephicurean philosopher that used to say; lets eat and drink because tomorrow we will perish". how sad.

  • Marg N
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I am with you on wondering that.

    I saw the inconvenient truth and it explained the whole global warming in a whole new way for me.

    more people need to get their heads out of the sand and see the real danger we are in because of global warming.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they are stubborn i think. i dont know because its scary to think about and the fact that it is a big problem! they dont want to believe that the ice caps are melting and polar bears are dying up north. most of us are aware i hope and doing something to prevent it like walking to work and recycling.

    i personally dont want to believe that in 50 years or so the rainforest are gonna be pretty much gone and that the sea level is rising. but its something that we just have to accept and stop now before it really gets out of control.

    its scary that maybe in the not too distant future that the earth would be too damaged to live on. its not like we can just move to mars next week and expect everything to be super duper =..=

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Same reason some people did not believe in the Salem witches. The majority firmly believed they had witches among them. They killed many of them because of their firm belief. If global warming is true and CO2 is causing it, then since CO2 is heavier than air, how can burning fuel on the earths surface possibly be the cause? But if fuel is burned above 30,000 ft...... with each jet engine burning 2 to 5 tons of kerosene per hour, and thousands of hours or jet traffic per day...... each lb of fuel burned produces 3.66 lbs of CO2..... maybe Gore is gassing us!!

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