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Does tablet size make significant differences in quality of digital art work?

We are trying to decide between a 4x6 or a 6x8 Wacom Intuos3 tablet. What are the differences between sizes besides price?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The differences should be fairly small. Of course because each part of the tablet has a corresponding part of the screen to match, the larger tablet should be a slightly more accurate but its nothing noticeable.

    If your looking for something that you can take with you, maybe you have a smaller desk. Go for the smaller one.

    If your want a little more room to play with and more room to draw on, the 6x8 is a good choice.

    They both have 1024 levels of pressure.

    I am borrowing a Intuos3 6x11 and its just to big for my desk.

    A little cumbersome and gets in the way of the keyboard.

    When I get one, I will probably end up getting the 4x6, the 6x8 if I can afford it.

    I really like the one that I'm working with right now.

    It's great.

    Look at what the wacom web site has to say.

    There is a "which tablet is right for me" portion of the site.

    Good Luck

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