Well i been having headaches for the past?

I was having headaches for the past 2 months on & off. When I get them I have numbness in my left hand,vision problems,sick on the stomach and than the headaches. I went to the hospital they done a CT-Scan,cuz I thought I had a stroke they told me its migraines. Now yesterday the samething, now today I feel so,so tired I really don't feel like doing nothing. A little brain fog. Can anybody tell me what could it be,if u ever had any of this.

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    do you have a pinched nerve in your spine at all? the numbness sounds like that and it will cause headaches as well.headaches will cause sick stomachs. i too have been suffering with this and i called my church and they prayed for me and i found relief. i had migraines so bad that i could not function any more. the pastor prayed for me and i was healed 18 years ago. the twenty four hour prayer line number is 1-330-929-5010

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    You're gonna think this is too simple, but try these. The numbness in your hand indicates misalignment. Go to a chiropractor. Being misaligned can also cause headaches and a number of medical problems(headache, acne, constipation). Then, watch your diet. I am by no means a health fanatic, but I stay away from MSG (it causes headaches in many people). Preservatives and nitrates (like what's in bologna, hot dogs). I've tried lots of meds and been through lots of testing for my headaches, but these two things that are much easier than they sound did it for me. Change of diet and chiropractic health. Best wishes to you. Happy New Year...

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    Talk to your doctor. There are a couple of non-narcotic migraine meds out there that work rather quickly. One is called Relpax and the other is Advert. The side effects are very minimal. Good Luck and I hope you get some relief soon!

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    I can tell you that sometimes you have to find out the cause by yourself. I was on migraine meds and they helped some. After paying closer attention to when I was getting them I found out I would get a migraine anytime I ate anything that contained pork. I then found out pork changes your body chemistry for some time after eating it, anyway I had to find out for myself. Maybe you could have a food allergy of some sort.

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    sounds like a pinched nerve in your back >>>> you should see a chiropractor !

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    talk to your doctor you may need a prescription

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