Manual transmission question?

I have two transmissions for the same car. It is a93' 5 speed mitsu mirage. One of the trans has a messed up first, second. The other has a bad fifth,rev. Can I take parts from one and put them into the other to make one good transmission?

I do all my own automotive work, I can rebuild an engine.. The only part of a car I haven't worked on is the inside of a transmission.

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    Sure. What engine do you have? There are three different manual transmissions for that car. One for the 1.8L and two for the 1.5L. It sounds to me like you have some shifting fork problems. Let me know what you are working on, I'll send you some exploded views. You will need a production date, too. It looks like there was a change made in 8/93.

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  • Bill S
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    1 decade ago

    Transmissions are very complicated, where its a standard transmission you can do that, but first I recommend finding a transmission manual for your particular transmission that shows the complete teardown and rebuild. These books can be found at Just look for your transmission model number. When you do decide to rebuild the transmission make sure that you do it methodically and well you've rebuilt engines so you can see how careful you have to be. Make sure you clean all the parts as you remove them.

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    4 years ago

    Its up to you as there are a mass of fun automatic type vehicles out there as well as manual,the trouble is people see the name automatic and yet have had no or little experience with them and do not appriciate the fact that automatics come in a mass of forms which can be far from placing a car in d and then going. Often car makers find an automatic type box better suits there cars and we find cars like the Buggati Veryron and the Ferrari Enzo etc with an automatic type setup and this even goes down to cheaper models of cars. So really the answer is what suits your needs and suits that vehicle better as just because it is offered in a manual form does not make it better.

  • jimmiv
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    Transmissions are very different then engines. I am good with engines but always screw up transmissions .

    Am sure the parts are interchangeable and if you are patient, read a lot on the subject, and have the money to buy the special tools transmissions need, you can do it.

    Hope you have some time on your hands.

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As long as both transmissions are identical, you should be able to use parts from one to repair the other. However, you will probably need additional parts such as bearings, synchronizers, gaskets, and that sort of thing. You very well might find out that the gears you thought were good are also bad. Especially if chunks of metal have been floating around inside there.

    Manual transmissions are SO much easier to work on that automatics, I think you will find it to be fun.

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    since these transmissions are the same you can by all means make one good one. just make sure your confident enough to go through with it, also be prepared to go without that vehicle for a few days.

    if i were you i would also get a rebuild kit for the transmission, which would come with new gaskets, seals, bearings, etc.

    this would also be a great time to take that flywheel and get it somewhere to be cut and balanced.

    and wouldn't ya know it, it would also be prime time for a new clutch.

    plan way ahead before you acctualy do it, to reduce the vehicles down time, make a list of all the parts you want and need and make sure you've got ALL of them before beginning, you can even use the transmission that is out already for reference on the parts needed.

    if you can get your hands on service manual, or someone who has done one before that would all be to your advantage.

    Good Luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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    Yes, you can. Typically in transmissions, two or three gear sets are combined (first and second, fifth and reverse, third and fourth) and when one gear in the gear set fails you often loose the other gear within the set. It would be advisable to replace the bushings, bearings, and seals with new while your at it. Sometimes when you combine two transmissions like this you will get a slight whine from it

  • jeff s
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    I doubt you could. Chances are that there is a bad bushing in both. I can't be for sure though. Neither can you unless you tear both down and evaluate them and find out what kind of problems they are having. You may get lucky and only have a bad synchro on the one that has bad first/second. Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    My husband does alot of automotive work and says as long as the two transmissions are the same models, you can do it.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can, but I wouldn't advise it . The potential you have for future problems with the combined parts, you are only going to have more problems. I would advise you take the best tranny and put in new gear set for the damaged ones. And don't forget the new bushings and bearings and seals.

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