my dog just went into labor ...HELP!?

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    What kind of help do you need?

    Let the dog do most of the work. If she's a first time mom, she may not fully understand what's happening until her instincts kick-in, so you may have to assist a little with the first pup by helping to remove the sac the pup comes in and cutting the umbilical cord. Don't interfere, however, if the mom doesn't want you touching her or her newborns. As each is pup is born, she'll pull the sac away from them, chew through the umbilical cord, and most likely eat the afterbirth (that's okay; it's good protein for her). She'll lick the pups all over to help stimulate their breathing, and will lick their little behinds to get out the first bowel movement (which can sometimes be seen a a greenish-black goo on or around the pups, if they poop as they're being born). The pups will need to start nursing as soon as possible. This actually helps to tie the bond between mom and her babies, and stimulate her uterus to push out the rest of the pups.

    During the births the mom may yelp or whine loudly, or she may be entirely silent. It varies by dog.

    Don't be surprised if some pups are born feet-first. That's not unusual. As long as the pup gets out, that's what's important.

    Don't be surprised if there is a long interval between births. Some pups can come within 15-20 minutes of each; some may be hours apart. If the mother is working to birth one puppy for more than 5 hours, get her to the emergency room immediately. It may mean that her uterus can no longer contract, or that the pup is at an odd angle and cannot get out...and the remaining pups may die inside of her.

    Take your dog to the vet immediately if you see a lot of red blood, or if the mom passes greenish-black ooze with a really foul odor; these can be signs of hemorrhage and/or the death of a pup inside of her that can put her whole system into shock and kill her.

    Make sure everyone stays warm. Newborn pups cannot shiver, and cold will kill them faster than anything.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Good grief - get to the vet. You should have been there already. Hope your dog(s) survive(s). As for your decision to breed your dog being your business alone, well, ok - legally perhaps, but if you're inflicting suffering on even one dog (let alone the puppies) then expect to take a bit of heat. I hope you are wrong about the dog having been in labour for that long - I really do.

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    ok calm down, you need to call your vet and let them know that she is in labor and if anything goes wrong that you will be calling him back, you need to keep an eye on her and make sure she isnt in hard labor for more then 2 hours of pushing and no puppy is born, that is when you need to worry and call the vet, if you dont have her whelping box then you need to get it now and put her in it,, get some newspaper and after the puppies are born then you need to change them,, you need to watch mommy dog to make sure she is going to brake the sac and clean the air way,, if she dont then you need to do this for her so the puppy doesnt drown, by sucking the puppies nose out with a bulb syring, I hope this has help and emial me at if you have any more questions or more help Im a breeder and have helped many of puppies be born,,

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    you need to calm down, dont get over excited, that will help it along. just sit with her. stroke her head and tell her everything is okay. When the puppies come out they will be in a sack. Dont worry, its normal. the momma will break the sack and lick the puppy off. wash your hands and move the puppy out of the way so it doesnt accidently get hurt. Make sure it is okay with the mom if you shuffle the puppy over. Dont take the puppy out of momma's sight. It can take a long time for all the puppies to come out so youre going to be there for a while.

    congrats on your puppies

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Help with what?! If your dog is about to have her puppies then go to bed and let her get on with it!!

    When my golden labrador a pups, i sat up all night with her reading books on dogs, them giving birth, complications etc..because everytime i tried to leave her to go to bed she stopped what she was doing to come with me! Eventually, at 7am i decided she was taking me for the idiot i can be and had no intention on having her pups. How wrong could i be! I got in2 bed as my kids got up, so i quickly ran downstairs to tell them not to disturb her in the slightest but there she was,next 2 my 5yr old daughter who was eating her cocopops, on the sofa giving birth! YUK!

    My dog eneded up panicking though because there was people awake and she retracted one of her her a lot of pain, killing the puppy, an emergency section and me an £847 vet bill as i had cancelled her insurance as she had neva needed it! So my advice is 'let her get on with it, its better allround!!' On the other and, my other dog had pups and wanted it to be a bloody family gathering! Lucky really, my neice & my boyfriend saved one of her pups as the mother couldnt break open the sac and the puppy was dying, then the pups airways had to be cleared and everything b4 the dog would entertain looking at it!!

    Good luck....

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    What you need to do is contact your vet, ask them for different signs and stages to look for.

    You need to do this because a dam that is in labour too long will need a C-Section and you need to know when to pick your dog up and rush it to the vets.

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    1 decade ago

    ok if u think something wrong then call a vet but if shes looking ok thn let her be, she might not want u fussing over her when shes in labor...

    good luck

  • Maggie
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    1 decade ago

    Do what Fetch 11 Humane Society says. Sounds like she knows her stuff. Good Luck! You'll never forget their birthday!

  • 1 decade ago

    Dogs and Women have been doing this by themselves for centuries. I did it twice by myself. If a pup appears dead, rub it. Stimulation is the best action to take with a non breathing pup. Good luck and know that nature takes its course.Have a peaceful year and love them well.

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    1 decade ago

    Call a vet help line someone told me that they answer 24 hours a day. you could probably look it up in the phone book.

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