how do I find someone with out having to pay for it?

I am trying to find out about my dads family I have been tryingto find his chrildren for about 10 or more years. Please help

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    1 decade ago
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    Try - If you can narrow the search down to a state and have a name, you'll get a good shot at finding their last known address. Its kinda scary that they have YOUR info in their database....but it is a good way to find a last known. Now, it gets harder the more common the name. Zypher Smitherines is going to be easier to find than John Jones.... but good luck! Once you have an address or even a town, you can dial information and start calling to see if they are related to your dad.

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    The only suggestion I can make is to try the Mormons; they've been keeping records of births and deaths from all over the world for decades. Go to the nearest Mormon tabernacle and ask someone there where the closest genealogical records center is located. The last time I went to one--in Los Angeles--it was free. But if you're looking for your brothers and sisters--which means relatively recent births--then it may be harder; the Mormons likely won't have that information. If you know where your siblings were born, go to the records center for that city/county and ask there, but it will probaly cost something. In most places you can get such recent info only if you're related to the person(s).

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    It's never free.

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