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Any body else having a crappy New Years eve?


yeah I guess details would have been nice. Im at work and so far almost nothing has gone right. The good news is that none of it is my fault but still....................

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    Not so much "crappy" as just boring. If not, would I be here looking at questions? (hehehe).....anyway, hope the rest of your New Year's Eve goes better :)

    ***EDIT*** Awwww....poor Tampanian.....should we all cry for her by ourselves, or set a time to sob for her together? In other words, thank God for parents with some can ruin your life some other year, but not this one.....I have to wonder what you'll think of New Year's Eve when you're 60 (if you live to be that old), and look back then on your parent's decision tonight....unfortunately, I won't be around long enough to hear your answer then (I'm already 60), but I have a feeling it will (would) be different than what you posted tonight....

  • lot
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    Crappy, crappy, crappy. a million. Interviewed for a job Wednesday i can't get for petty, political, intra-corporation motives. 2. living in a city for the previous 18 months faraway from my appropriate buddies alongside with my priceless goddaughter. 3. On call from 12:01 am until 11:fifty 9 pm (All New 365 days's trip) 4. no person right here yet me. 2007 is gonna be a large 365 days!!!

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    For me, its about the first time Ive had to work on New Years Eve in about 7yrs. O well, had to work xmas eve and xmas day. Just another day in the 365 day cycle here. Yeah, I can understand and feel ya. Hope it will turn out better for you. Happy New Years!!

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    awwwww, im sorry to hear you arent having a nice new years eve. you didnt give a reason, but just try to cheer up. no matter what is going on , it could be worse. put on a funny movie or do somthing that you enjoy. have a good night. happy new years.

  • mo
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    And the even better news you will get to go home in a while. Happy New Year

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    Me. But if this is going to make you feel a little bit better, I also know about 6 other friends of mine who also are not doing much either tonight.

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    mine is not really crappy? I am home with my husband and 4 kids. Husband is asleep along with one child. No big plans for tonight.

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    It probably would have better if you were at a party and not at Yahoooooo Answers!

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    mine SUCKS!!! im 20 freakin years old ... i should b out living my life .. but i live with my parents and my dad is crazy and wont let me do anything ...

    this is the life i have to look forward too until i die i guess

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