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do guys like when girls make the first move?

I like this guy and we havent got further than a peck on the lips. Next time should i make the first move to go a little further than a peck or do guys like making that move?

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    yes if i could tell every girl it would help but they do like it and they like it when u ask them out because we are just as shy as u

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    Well I think that its what ever you really feel like doing if you can picture self doing it than do it, but it also depends on what type of guy your dealing with, sometime you may feel like why isn't he making the firt move than that will probably be the case of him being the guy type of guy that likes to let the girl make the first move because he probably waitting for you to do more than just a peck but like I said its up to you... just make sure you two are both comfortable with what ever Decision you make.

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    I think guys like it when the girl makes the first move sometimes. Also, it will let him know that you want more than a peck on the lips.

  • Hm. Guys, like girls, like different things as individuals. With that said; if he's nervous and afraid, it might make him more relaxed if you take it a bit further.

    I'm a guy that gets nervous when in that situation with women (and I'm 35 years old *laugh* - how pathetic is that?), and I like it a lot when she takes it further with me, because it removes a lot of pressure from me.

    It sounds as if you're fairly young, and I'm going to throw in the obligatory "be careful" and "don't go too far" advice. It's a big world and a long life, and you don't need to do everything as fast as you can.


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    i personally think its kinda slutty for the girls to make the first move. it should be a mutual decision. ull know when he wants to and he will know that you want to. just give it a little time. maybe hes just square. if thats the case, make the first move then throw it in his face. by "throwing it in his face" i mean make the move and then ask him if he liked it and wanted to do it. if he says yes then be like then why did you wait until i made the move. he'll then do things more on your own.

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    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

    Especially if its aggresive and "in your face" not a coy shy type of first move...not just look at him or smile expecting him to do the rest...many girls will speak too ( hi ) or smile at guys just to tease a real "first move" has to include Hi im (name) if you give your name first - the guy will automatically give his name works everytime..seriously!

    MEN are programmed to reply ..try it on any stranger ( male) hi im "name"..dont even ask him for his name..he will give it automatically..if you say " IM first & last name"

    the guy will give you his first and last also..if you say a nickname he will give his nickname right back too.. its a psychological truth about the male species!

    Also never ask a guy if he has a gf...instead ask: him, if he is in a happi relationship or still looking ?

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    Men have been so beaten down by making "the first move" only to be charged with sexual harassment, that we are too cautious now to make that move. By you making the first move, he knows he's safe to move to the next level.

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    Guys like it. Even if you don't make a move, you need to make it clear that it's time to make a move, for example closing your eyes and pursing your lips. that's a move indicator.

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    Go for it! We like it when a girl comes off being the aggressor at times. It's actually a turn on.

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