Is there anyway to allow someone to view my webcam permanently without having to invite?

My husband and I use Yahoo Messenger to communicate through webcams. Is there anyway to set the messenger up so that he can view my webcam whenever he wants without me having to give permission. That way, if I am sleeping or something, he can watch me sleep. :) He is deployed so it has been a while since he's seen that. If you know of any settings/preferences I need to adjust can you please tell me how? Thanks!


When you mean on, can it just be plugged in to my computer?

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    Yes on Yahoo Messenger Webcam Preferences you can select one that allows ppl to always be able to view as long as the cam is on




    When someones tries to view my cam

    Allow the following ppl to always view my cam.

    It will only allow those on your list to automatically view - everyone else will still have to request

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    nope.. u have to invited them each time u wanted to show ur camera...

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