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Are "Jupiter" trumpets of good quality?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    hey! it's me again... i tried to e-mail you like you asked but your profile does not allow me to e-mail you so..... are you looking for a beggining trumpet or professional?? if you want beggining....not so much the best horn to start on... but if you want this horn with some playing experience then Yes... Go for it!! Jupiter horns are really good and they are pretty too... LOL!! I just personally like the Blessing Ml-1S. i didn't see any prices on the link you gave me but i assume if you have it picked out that it is in your $500 range!! I hope i helped you... if you have any more trumpet (or any other music related) questions... E-mail me!! (click on my name under my picure. when the page loads, look around in the green box at the top. it should have something you can click on to mail me!! have fun!

    GO TRUMPETS!! (horns are cool too)

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