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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

why cant I control my eating?

I am trying to loose weight I have been since the end of 5th grade.I am in 7th.but now I am more eager to do it then I was I think I atchually need to when I look back I think I was silly to try.but Im glad I did because I didnt gain weight until this year.I change schools and everything but Im happy I did but I only gained 3 lbs over the summer and I became taller ppl say Ive lost weight but I look in the mirror and feel like I gained weight.How come I cant stop myself from eating...every time I eat I feel so guilty and think if I didnt eat that I would be questions are

How do I keep from eating sweets and fatting foods?what are good foods to eat?Why do i see myself like somthing diferent then other people?

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    Favorite Answer eh popcorn.

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    Watch out. You are in danger. If you start wanting to be really skinny and you think you're fat when others think you're thin, and if you hate yourself for eating, or you eat a lot then regret it, you are very very dangerously skirting the edge of bulimia or anorexia. Please see a therapist NOW before it actually happens. Preferably a woman so you are comfortable talking about your body.

    If you sometimes binge on sweets you may notice that it happens when you feel a certain way, usually if you are stressed or sad or hurt. If you can notice the emotion then you can ask yourself what you might do instead of binging. But don't ever say you can't eat at all; choose a normal to small portion of the food and put the rest away. When you eat it, eat it slowly, paying lots of attention to the taste and sensations of eating. Never gulp food down. But don't go back for more. Just make the stuff you have last as long as you can while you also think about the emotions that made you want to binge.

    Healthy snacks are any raw vegetables or fruits especially, then nuts (but don't overdo the peanut-butter), some bread or cereal but not a lot. I find that carrots are good for any occasion. No matter what I am craving to eat, carrots distract my attention because they are so crunchy and tasty. Get the ones with the tops still attached; they taste better. But maybe you like celery. One cool thing is to slice up LOTS of carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet peppers (green) and whatever else you like, and save each kind in a container or Ziplock so that when you are hungry you can make a vegie feast; some kind of dip makes it twice as good.

    Also just keep fruit around. Bananas should be a staple, you should always have apples, and some kind of citrus (oranges). When I have the nibblies I love to grab a couple clementines and peel them and enjoy every section. Hungry? Grab a banana. They're satisfying.

    good luck, honey-- do see a doctor now please before you really get sick. I know what I'm talking about from experience.


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    The answer is to not stop eating or gaining weight. You are still young and will continue growing for several more years. The idea is to be healthy. Seratonin is released into your small intestines which is a hormone that tells you when you are satisfied. This is the connection between eating when you are emotional and when you are not. You can train your body to crave the foods that it needs by avoiding them for a couple of weeks. Look for foods that do not have High Fructose Corn Syrup because that never satisfies hunger and will only make you eat more. Also try to eat foods that are 100% whole grain as they will fill you up and are extremely good for you. It is really normal at your age to feel different and it is a time of learning. Don't worry, in a couple of years you will love yourself and have great eating habits if you teach yourself now.

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    we got the same problem...

    but they said good foods are fruits and vegetables..

    i stuff my self since the christmas eve.. and now schools back.. i may go to starvation mode again.. i just dont eat in the school.. its too much junk...

    no fruits and veggies available in school plus my mom never buys veggies and fruits.. its always junk.. so its better not to eat than stuffing urself with junk foods, sweet and everything fattening

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