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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CareInjuries · 1 decade ago

ok, so ive got this knee injury...?

...and my doctor is finally letting me run and play volleyball(finally!) and stuff. But its been 6 months since ive ran and whatever, so im horribly out of shape. does anyone know a good low stress workout plan that is easy on the knees?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Elliptical machine at your health club or local rec center. Also, stationary bike riding. You can also ask your Dr to see if he recommends anything specific. If you have a physical therapist, run it by him/her as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have suffered from knee problems for years and finally figured out what it was from. I had problems because I wore western boots with a higher heel. The height affected my stride. I noticed when I quit wearing them, my knee problems went away. I also know the best thing to correct your swollen knee is to COMPLETELY STAY OFF OF IT. If you keep walking on it, you just aggravate the injury and it never heals. As for the exercise, try a stationary bike. I lost ten pounds one time by riding mine for

    an hour a night while watching TV. Good luck.

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  • 3 years ago

    im not a doctor, yet very experienced in knee discomfort. once you're saying "bump" do you recommend "pimple like", the kind of bump you may want to get on your head after hitting it or like something troublesome (bone like) is there? age? what style of activities do you frequently do? .......................................... is this bump a cutting-edge progression or has it been there many years? is the popping painful? My knees have popped considering children. frequently no discomfort is in touch, yet on occasion there is discomfort. yet frequently merely stressful, fairly if i'm attempting to bypass downstairs contained in the morning quietly and instead it sounds like i'm stepping on sticks. this bump sounds like something i developed even as i change into 15. it change into after a improve spurt and they are placed merely below my knee caps. it truly is favourite as osgood-schlatters. google that and note if it matches your challenge. if so - there is not something to agonize about - this is only a growing to be component. regrettably it would not bypass away inspite of the indisputable fact that the discomfort oftentimes lessens over the years. inspite of the indisputable fact that crawling on my knees remains a *****. calcium deposits are yet another chance, besides the actual incontrovertible truth that that usually is followed with major discomfort. ask a dr sometime, they ought to understand quite effectively. or a actual therapist. if money is a challenge, look to ascertain if there's a health well being club/actual treatment mix style of organization on your area. they many times will "demonstrate" human beings for loose (to ascertain in the journey that they prefer actual treatment).

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