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Should humanity finally be honest and declare itself...the most dangerous parasite on earth?

Face the facts...collective mankind is the most dangerous parasite the world has ever known. Collectively we are a monster than threatens the destruction of every living thing on the planet.

Yet amazingly we worship a GOD that loves us>>>LOL

The earth is the very thing that supports us all ... we trash and exploit it ....yet we worship GOD..the big worthless NO show..that just loves us the...PARASITE....It is almost funny.

We are the on it.

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    The appropriate term is "plague species" like kudzu.

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    People who are religious just don't look at things this way. They only have a fixed point of view. (Ignorant?) Human beings are prideful creatures, but why shouldn't we be? We dominate the earth, therefore we have the right to do what we want, until we meet our destiny.

    Yes, we are the most dangerous beings the earth has ever known. However, we are still fragile, just like every other organism. Dinosaurs, who have reigned the prehistoric times, had fell eventually. We someday will meet our doom, too. Because as the saying goes, every beginning has an end to it.

    We trash and exploit the Earth, because Earth is just like a battleground. Something steps up and dominates it,does whatever it takes to keep its hold over the throne. Then something happens and it falls, and cycle repeats over and over.

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    Wow. Humanity has hurt you so badly, this is what you think of the rest of us? Holy smokes. I think you need therapy. There are some of us who do try to help the planet, you know. We're not all oil company executives. I like to think of my relationship with the earth as symbiosis.

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