Angle for a swivel wheel? Phsics and computer pros please help.?

I want to build 2 - "8 inch swivel wheels" for my 5x8 utility trailer. I intend to have 2 Ball Hitches on the front. I intend to have one side support to hold the wheel on to the Trailer. QUESTION: From center of axle hole , coming straight up , what angle should support be, to "swivel" (turn) and never "bend" or "jacknife" when i back up in Reverse? This can probably be figured out on the computer, but i don't know how. Physic or computer pro, please help. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    either your a fabrication genius or on meth

    there are crucial parts of the story missing here

    im not getting the picture, it could be me

    two ball hitches sounds like a impressive idea to keep the trailer from jackknifing,

    but follow me

    the non axial stresses that would develop on the balls would exeed the ratings of a 2 inch ball for even a small trailer

    one ball would be the pivot point

    one ball would be the force applied to keep trailer in line

    these forces would swapp as the trailer bucked from side to side

    what you are doing is extending the chassis of your tow vhec.rather than sterring

    queston if the angularity were so steep as to scrubb the trailertires from side to side

    would your hitch support on your tow vhec. stand it

    most class three and 4 hitches are very weak side to side

    i know alot of okies in bakerfield , never heard of this kind of idea

    never let it stop you from looking or trying

    just proceed with great caution and open eyes

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