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Im a transsexual and i want to find a Girlfriend any tips?

well im just starting out and i have been on hormones 1 month so far. well i want to find a girlfriend im lonely at times. Is there any hints that woman give off that thay like you. ( i dont date men so i dont have any dating experance at all ). i guess i just want to find someone to love me now and when im post op. so if you where in my situation what would you do. please dont bash me ok. :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's the transsexual curse. It seems that most transpeople have a hard time finding someone. Then again, a lot of people seem to have a hard time finding someone. Good luck! Oh, and it's about impossible sometimes to figure out someone's sexuality just from looking at them. Talk to people. Be outgoing. Ask people out. That's how you get dates. Clubs and bars aren't the only places to meet people.

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  • Zara3
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    chissy ts i too am in the same sort of time line as you

    i have a lot of lonely nights and have often wondered

    how to find the right person for me

    other then a one night fling i had midway though last year

    i have not touched another person in years and have had a lonley time most nights wondering how to find some one

    i do not drink and so therefore i do not go out so finding some one is not easy

    i am sad that no one has answered your question as i to am waiting the answer

    i have been bi in the past but really i feel i am best with girls

    yet finding some one that can understand me and what i am going though has proven to be hardest of all

    so i wish you good luck finding your self a girl friend

    if you find some one that understands you and still wants to be with you hold on to them as they are a catch

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  • 1 decade ago

    Chrissy, I know just what you mean. Try tvchix web site ( which, despite the sound of its title, is actually one of the few reasonable web sites I've found, with a surprising number of females interested in M2F TS's. It's amuch easier way to find someone open to talk about these things and who will admit what she is looking for than to spend ages hoping to find someone through gay bars or social contacts. Write to me if you fancy a chat about this issue. I will reply if you want me to say more. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hook up with zara?GOOD LUCK!ENJOY LIFE.

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