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Is there a scripture which states what type of fruit Eve actually ate? Why do many assume it was an apple?

I don't recall seeing a specific fruit mentioned. Is this correct?


No it doesn't matter what type of fruit Eve ate, this is merely a question out of curiosity. Afterall, this is: Yahoo Answers.

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    No. The ideal of an apple is mans doings. The only fruit mention in the garden was figs. The ideal of snake and apple, is what I refer to as, "Teddy Bear" teachings of the Bible.

    As a child I grew up with what I now refer to as Teddy Bear teachings of the Bible.

    You see, as a child, we all in some way or another, had our teddy bears, to comfort us and to keep us safe at night. But, then as we grew older, we gave up our teddy bears.

    As a child in Sunday schools, we were taught such things, that I to now refer to as teddy bear teachings.

    Now, this isn’t saying, that those teachings are wrong! For they were tutors, for a development, into our Christian growth.

    As Brother Paul says in 1 Corinthians 3:1-2. Here we read; And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ. I have fed you with "milk" and not with meat…

    Here we can see there are two types of Biblical teachings. One is Milk and the other is Meat.

    In 1 Peter 2:2, Brother Peter says; As "newborn" babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

    Just as newborn babe need milk of grow. We as newborn babes in Christ, need the Milk of the Word, to grow spiritual. Until we are spiritually old enough to digest the meat of the Word.

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    This really is a good question for discussion. And no, it doesn't matter what fruit it was. But coming up with ideas for what it may have been (assuming the story is literal, which I really don't think it was--then again, I don't have all the answers), or why we think of it as an apple is good mental exercise. I guess some people just don't like that.

    Perhaps people assume it is an apple because an apple is such a common fruit, and a lot of people like apples. This would make them appealing to Adam and Eve. Also, apples are red (some of them, anyway). Red was once considered to be evil. In fact, there was a time in history--during the Middle Ages, I believe--when people were forbidden to wear red clothes because that was believed to attract the Devil. Maybe that's why the whole apple image came about. Also, using that reasoning, we could probably speculate that the fruit of the tree was cherries.

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    Traditionally, the apple has been the fruit associated with Eve's disobedience to God. The fruit is methaphorical, as many have stated, in that eating it was the eqivalent to becoming a human god by having the same knowledge as God. Genesis was written when the Hebrew people were once again in slavery by the Babylonians (757 BC). They lived through what they called the diaspora. The book tells of their creation by God and their intended purpose, which they forsook to follow their own disobedient ways and the resulting dismissal from the promised land by their capture and enslavement by a pagan country. But the story also speaks of their hope and utlitmate deliverance from the oppression of slavery and sin, and being reunited in deliverance back into the promised land.

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    No where in the Bible does it say what fruit Eve ate

    People beleive it is an apple because of the media and false specualtion related to humans experiences.

    Just like the story of Christmas

    People think there were these 3 wise men at Jesus' birth

    That is not true

    The Bible does not state a specific number and they did not attend the birth of Jesus. Rather they arrived when he was a young child

    You can read this in Mattew Chapter 2

    Interesting stuff.

    If you would like to learn more about the BIble

    you can request a free home Bible Study

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    Since you're actually talking about Jewish scripture, they believe the fruit was a citron.

    The apple was made into the fruit of sin by the church because of the pagan affinity for it. If you cut an apple crosswise, the pentacle can be seen, which is a very sacred symbol to the pagans. In order for the Church to further demonize pagans, they had to turn a sacred symbol into something profane. This then gave them license to mandate that pagans either convert or be killed.

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    What difference does it make? It was a fruit off of

    a tree. Which fruit does not change the scriptures one

    bit. Good and evil is what is being introduced here, not

    the kind of fruit.( If they'd said an orange, then us people

    might think we should never eat another orange...see

    what a problem it could cause?)

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    I think why we use an apple is because they're red and they stick out against the green of the leaves of the tree. It's a color thing...

    And it's an easy fruit to just take a bite out of, without haven't to peel it...which I believe is what Eve did. Just ate it.

    Also apples are common to religion is supposed to seeing her eat a common fruit that you don't have to peel? Yeah...had to be an apple...

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    Khuldi fruit

    Source(s): Quran
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    The story of eating the forbidden fruit is a sexual metaphor. Think about it -- religion and sex never mix at the best of times. Adam & Eve were naked (so the story goes), and since they had time on their hands and needed to get to know each other .... Fast forward to present time; the church is still condemning sexual stuff!

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    No, you are correct. The Bible doesn't say what sort of fruit it was. It does say that they used fig leaves to cover themselves. I guess it could just as likely been a fig tree. However, I don't see that it really makes any difference what sort of fruit it was. The focus really isn't what sort of fruit it was but rather, that God told them not to eat but they chose Satan over God. The sin wasn't the eating of the fruit...the sin was that they listened to the Devil over God.

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