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What Should I do?

My "So called" best friend of 4 years and I have a tradition where we spend every New Years together. When it's midnight we promise to be friends for the upcoming year. He and I were supposed to do it again this year and we made plans for it. It's now 9:45 and I was just informed that he went out with his sister and a few friends (his sister has been out of his life for YEARS and me and my family practically raised him for the last four. He even lives with my grandma now). He didn't bother to tell me this and even up till 7 pm of today said we'd be doing something tonight. I'm so pissed off I want to end our friendship entirely. This isn't the first completely selfish thing he's done. What should I Do?


And the worst part is it's now to late for me to make plans of my own without him. And just incase anyone is wondering I'm 18.

Update 2:

It's a big deal to me. This tradition is MASSIVELY important to me. And he knows that. He always mooches off of me, he blows me off, I got to school 500 miles away so it isn't even like I'm around that often. He cares more about sex, and his self than anyone else!

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    I would be pissed off to, you need to first talk to him and let hum know how you fell, and maybe even show and tell him that your not taking that no more.

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    Who cares if it's too late to make plans. Who cares if you don't go to that party. This isn't worth ending your friendship. Is it? Keep your composure and don't do anything to act immature or revenge. Don't want to rewind the tape and wish you'd done something different.

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    Obviously your so-called "friendship" isnt all that important to him...Call him and find out whats up..

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    hey hey. wooa wooooa easy girl you are taking it way out of proportion. he is your friend i am sure he will be back, trust me if he does care about you wich he does he will come back i guarantee it

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