movie quote for those movie buffs an old man kinda of a shakey voice in a slow moment in the movie?

the quote is something along these lines. the worlds gone and got itself in a big damn hurry. emphasis on the words big damn hurry in a slow speach kinda of way. not sure if any can answer this just throwing it out cause its stuck in my head and can't recall where or when i heard it. don't think its a super old movie maybe within the last 10yrs or so . kind of vague i know so lets see what those super movie buffs can come up with. thanks for any and all responses.


whoot thanks :) have to wait 4 hours of posting to close it but thanks :) knew it was a great movie i recall the quote from but couldn't recall the movie :) awesome movie thanks again

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My mans favorite movie of all time The Shawshank Redemption!!! Great flick!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Sharshank Redemption

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