i have a warrent?

for not doing my probabtion is there neway of me getting out of the situation im in and avoiding jail time?

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    1 decade ago
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    Turn yourself in. Talk to your probation officer. Spend the time in jail learning to read and write. It's warrant, not warrent.

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    You are not truely free until you can live without fear. If you don't turn yourself in, you will live whatever life you have in hiding, worrying about the day you get caught. The smallest lie can turn into something so big and out of control that you can't possibly be happy. I know that the idea of jail isn't attractive. But when you really think about your options, it's not so bad. What are you going to do for work? When there is a warrent out for your arrest, you will need a false identity to get a job. Any job you do get will be mimimum wage at best. You will barely be able to keep your head above water as you couldn't possibly file for any social services. Any relationships you make will all be based on a lie because you can't let people know what you did in fear of being turned in. Give this all some thought. If you turn yourself in and explain that you got really scared but you finally found the courage to turn yourself in, they may take that into consideration, they may not. But what kind of life will you really have if you don't. I urge you to turn yourself in now!

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    1 decade ago

    Well if the warrent has already been issued u really can't do much. You'll need legal advice and representation. Just be careful and not get caught, contact a lawyer. Also call from a pay phone and contact your probation officer. Explain the situation. The probation officer will tell you to come see him/her. Don't go because they will arrest you. Tell them you'll be in contact and you are working on getting legal help first. Cover all your grounds so you can get your probation reinstated - Also the Judge you will have to see makes the final call so if you have a jerk you may be out of luck. If you have a judge who actually cares and you have a valid excuse for not doing your probation then you may luck out.

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    Don't know what State your in but, Probation is like a contract,

    once you enter into it your bound by the terms and conditions. I

    would suggest you not get into a contract, especially with the Courts. They are the Law. One thing you deffinitely DON'T want to do, not report, that is the worst thing. It gives the appearance

    that you can't be trusted, and the Judge looks very UN-favorably

    upon you. Try and get your Attorney to work something out with

    the D.A. or States Attorney before you turn yourself in but,, DON'T WAIT TO LONG!! GOD BLESS!

    Source(s): Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Your best bet is take a book, (prop,) and go turn yourself in!

    BUT- go to the county courthouse to do it and tell them you missed your date, (or whatever,) and you want to make good on it. Tell them you want to turn yourself in OR schedule a new court date.

    They would prefer to have you do your service if it's at all possible because putting you in jail costs money while getting you to perform your service makes the wheels go round. If your offense is not too serious, the fact that you came to them will almost positively assure you the benefit of any doubt.

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    If there is to be a way, it is going to require that you turn yourself in to your probation officer. Have some really good reasons for breaking probation.

    Make some personal plans as to how you will stay out of trouble.

    Then you have to hope the judge understands.

    Don't wait for the cops to come for you.

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    YOU HAVE TO GET A BAIL BONDS,have him call and find out your charges and how much is your bond, go to the police dept. and turn yourself in, while the cops are taking your picture and all that good stuff, the bail bonds is doing the paperwork to get you out. I advice you to do it like that,cause one, it will look good when you go to court, and two you DON'T want the cops to arrest you when you less expect it. they can be kind of brutal,and treat you like crap.(experience). GOOD LUCK!! and HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!!

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    Nobody knows your reason for not doing your PO so they should not judge you,depending where you are you should probaly talk to the PO and make a plan to do what they ask only if you really feel threatened should you flee the state.

  • Stuart
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    1 decade ago

    The court already gave you a chance, and told you that if you did what you were supposed to and stayed out of trouble for the probationary period, you would be free.

    Now, when you go back to court the judge is going to see that you didn't obey him the first time, and he is going to impose the original sentence, and probably a penalty for contempt of court.

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    1 decade ago

    Warrants once issued cannot be revoked. So they must serve you the warrant. It is up to the judge to determine your fate. Your best bet in my opinion is get a lawyer and turn yourself in. One way or another the Cops have to grab you.

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