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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationMotorcycles · 1 decade ago

Dirt bike Question?

I am a 130 pound, 5 foot 5 male. I was wondering what kind of dirt bike I should buy. I keep hearing people talk about the "cc." Is this the equivalent of horsepower or something?

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    you should get a KDX200. 200 is the CC, that is Cubic Centimeters or the size of the cylinder. Someone of your size will need a shorter bike with either the seat foam cut down or altered so it doesn't sit as high. Your toes of both feet should touch the ground when you are seated to keep balance and to help you start the bike. The 200CC has decent horsepower for your build. KDX is an enduro bike, can go the distance but also good for shorter tracks with lots of variety (jumps, ramps, etc.). If you want to go with MX type-bike, I would suggest a YZ250F/YZ125 or CR250F/CR125, again you would want to cut the seat foam down or otherwise alter to fit your physique. KTMs are great bikes also but the maintenance costs are a little higher. Happy trails!

  • 1 decade ago

    Before you buy any bike try to ride one first. If this is a first bike i would recommend a TT230 or TT250 Yamaha. If you have some experience which it appears you don't, buy used, get all the gear and get training. Find the MSF dirtbike school nearest you. If none are near you try riding clubs to see if they offer instruction. I can help you more if you live in NJ, PA, NY or NE. For these areas go to and and look for club listings. Call or e-mail them and ask. CC refers to engine size but is meaning less when it comes to horsepower.

  • Erika
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    5 years ago

    extremely the motorcycles for somebody your age destroy down into 2 categories. Play motorcycles (path motorcycles) and race motorcycles. Take Honda for occasion. you have a CRF150R it somewhat is a race motorbike and a CRF150F it somewhat is a play or path motorbike. Your opposition motorcycles would be water cooled and your play/path motorcycles would be air cooled, however the transformations do not end there. it somewhat is a sturdy thank you to tell them aside inspite of the shown fact that. somewhat a contest motorbike would be lots swifter, lots lighter, and characteristic lots extra helpful suspension. it somewhat is going to additionally value lots extra advantageous than the course motorcycles. it is not attainable, interior a sensible funds, to make a play/path motorbike artwork almost besides as a real opposition motorbike. you extremely basically would desire to examine what sort of using you intend to do. in case you're only cruising the paths and not doing any huge jumps a path motorbike is high-quality. in case you intend to race MX or woods you want a real race motorbike.

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    I dont want to take credit for this answer by any means. It has been discussed in the answers section quite a bit and here is the best link I can give to you. Good Luck and hope this will suit your needs. The first answer and the 4th are the best ones ;-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    CRF250R Honda.

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