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Is getting songs for your iPod from another site besides the iTunes store illegal?

I know people who have gotten free songs from other sites. They claim it isn't illegal, but I have heard otherwise. Will someone please clarify this for me. I mean, I don't want to be a felon! LOL!

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    well define "illegal"

    if you sell the music off a site to make money then that's illegal.

    it's not illegal unless you sell it.I get my songs off Limewire // Napster etc. Also it depends what site you get it off.Some ReCopywrite the songs off a variety of website to make money out of it

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    Well, first of all, pretty much all music files that you can find will work with iTunes. (Ex: mp3's, m4p's, m4a's, etc.)

    Second, seriously, it's not legal...

    For a website to be able to legally give out music (popular music anyway), they would have to pay millions to whomever owns the music. They would really have to buy the complete rights to the music. That isn't going to happen and then be given away for free.

    You may then ask, "Well, why aren't companies like LimeWire getting shut down?" Well, LimeWire doesn't actually distribute copies of music. You download them from people who are hosting the music. After you download it, you are hosting it as well, this way, there's always someone hosting it. LimeWire isn't shut down because they only allow others to have an ease in file sharing, which isn't illegal until copyrighted music is shared, but then it's the fault of the people who shared it. Websites that allow direct download of the music files are breaking the law just by allowing you to download the music.

    Basically, if you want music legally, you have to download it from iTunes (I'm not sure about Windows Media Player's store or Napster, but those are legal as well) or buy a CD at the store and put it on your iTunes library.

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    No, but they do have to be in the AAC format that iTunes puts them into, if you can, just drag and drop the music file into iTunes and right-click it, select convert to AAC format and it might take a while but then you can put them on your iPod

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