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whats wrong with me.... -help!.-?

yesterday. .i stuffed my self too much and thought it was ok.. about a pound ..

now.. its 11 am and i have eaten nearly half a pound..

i really wanna throw up... i'm too stuffed.. i just can't stay away from foods.. theres a lot of it here..

will i gain weight in just a short span of time.. i'm not so immobile.. i never wanted to sit down though .. i walk around the house almost every minute..

i did throw up too yesterday... i'm think i am bulimic and binge eater...

i really need ur help... i cant go on a doctor my self.. my mom would kill me if she knew about this.. i;m 15 and i used to weigh 71lbs.. and since christmas i've been eating like a pig .. non stop..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It may just be that you're eating because you're off school and around the house. PLEASE do NOT throw up. That can cause so many problems with your mouth (including your beautiful teeth), esophagus and stomach and possibly get you deep into an eating disorder. I would definitely speak with your mom. She WILL NOT kill you. Worried maybe but not angry.

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