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huong t asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Would you support or oppose to colonization?

If you were a free black in the early republic

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    In the early American Republic first generation free Negroes were indifferent to colonization because they were simultaneously grateful for the benefits it ultimately garnered them, yet appalled by its injustices. It was a dichotomous perception of ambivalence, because there was a sense of “security” within the "plantation family" or “household” that the slave served, and yet a great overwhelming fear when catapulted into the sudden condition of "freedom" where that former security and "safety net" was entirely removed and replaced with complete and total self-sufficiency in a world of prejudice, for the road would be hard and difficult for the American *****. When the Negroes were liberated from their masters many did not want to leave for these reasons and because of established family relations with the master’s household, but Modern Revisionists’ history swiftly flashes past this fact that those of us whom are older recollect vividly reading in our childhood history texts.

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    1 decade ago

    Of course, anything for the eventual freedom we all wanted back then. The oppression hit all races here not just black, and especially women. But the struggle for freedom still goes on and it is not for color now it is who has the most money?

    And who has the guns? We are still under seige and will be until we remove certain administrations from our government. But we still have those barbarians at the gate from our enemies far away. As long as there is a breath left in me I will fight for freedom.Happy New Year.As far as the Brits treating the Blacks better, oh well that is a matter of opinion? They did not hold any seats in government? And they were not given the opportunities there either. France was more open to the Blacks than Britain, heck they treated the Irish worse than anyone.

  • The British actually treated black Africans better than Americans did. The British outlawed slavery and Americans in the South continued to hold slaves until 1865. Even though slavery was banned in the United States, the share cropping system was a loop hole that many Southerners used to keep African-Americans in unpaid servitude.

    In the 1920's many famous African-American entertainers such as Josephine Baker left the United States because Europeans were more open minded towards them.

    It was not until the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's that all African-Americans were given equal rights and freedoms.

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    Freedom is the father of progress and happiness...

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