what is the fastest computer speed out ? who makes the best and who makes the best computer for the best pric

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    There is much more to a computer than its "speed", which I assume you mean the processor's clock speed. A good way to judge which is the best performing computer you can purchase is to go to CNET.com where they run benchmark tests on computers using specialized software to find out which combination of components yields the best performance. After you find that out, and if you are comfortable you could order the parts from a retailer and assemble the computer yourself. There are several online guides detailing the process and should take you about a weekend if you have absolutely no experience with computer hardware. On the other hand, if you do not want to go through the process of assembling your own computer, you could order one from www.falcon-nw.com or www.velocitymicro.com which routinely make some of the best performance computers ever tested by CNET. Mind you a top of the line computer from either manufacturer could easily top $4000 depending on how you customize the computer and what kind peripherals you choose. If that is too expensive, Dell's XPS line make for some very well performing computers, which are still expensive but a little less than Falcon Northwest or Velocity Micro.

    To answer your quesiton about the fastest computer, processor speed wise, a video exists on google video showing a Pentium 4 Northwood Processor (I believe originally clocked at approximately 3 gigahertz) overclocked to 5.255 GHz using a liquid N2 cooling system. In fact the processor may have even been able to go further, but the motherboard could not be overclocked to higher values.

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    Veldel37 has the best answer IMO.

    Overall, if you can't build one, its better to fork out the money to someone who can. The companies that make these machines have huge testing and lab resources so that they can see what their latest items can do, and what the limits are. It used to be that the peak of the processors and machines basically doubled every 10 months, but I think that has been reduced now. I heard recently that the move from Duo to Quad ( both real and artificial) has happened, and then in less time than what it took to go from 2 to 4, there will be an 8. The Xbox 360 already runs on three.

    The biggest hurdle will be heat at the current technology, unless someone does really come up with the so far theoretical Quantum chip. Watch Zdnet and similar spaces for developments

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    The fastest one is from Intel Duo Core Processor from Pentium. I think Dell and HP have good prices with good computers..

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    theres no definite answer ... the best way to do it if u want somthing kickass for the money is do some research and build one that you can overclock the pee out of and put a highend sli settup in it with a righteous custom tower and raid ...

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