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Single Desktop to go wireless?

I have roadrunner cable on a compaq desktop. It has built-in wireless network card. But I only have one PC, what should I get to get rid of the wires? Can I connect a wireless router to the cable modem to make it work?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    yes that will work.

    those others telling you no are full of crap. i have a wireless router in my home. both my wife's and my daughter's computers, both desktops are connected wirelessly. My wife's computer is even in the same room as the router. she prefers the wifi connection because she likes to move the furniture around the house and likes the freedom to do so without running wires across the room.

    yes a wired network is faster than a wireless. But a wireless network is still WAY faster than your broadband connection, even if you are using the older, slower B standard instead of the newer G. You aren't going to notice ANY DIFFERENCE whatoever when you access the net. Go to Walmart, best buy, or target and get a router. It will set you back $40.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. Even if you had 1000 computers, I wouldn't recommed wireless unless you cant run wires. Wires are faster, more reliable, more secure, and a lot more convenient to setup. The only advantage of wireless is that some people don't like the wires.

  • 1 decade ago

    That depends on several factors. You will pay for your wireless time unless you are in a free zone.

    San Francisco has started this and there are certain areas that do this.

    You need to talk to you roadrunner people and not us tho, even if they keep you waiting on the phone and act as tho they don't know what you are asking. Have patience my friend!

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