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what is the best type of skateboard deck?

i now have an almost deck and it was good but now its pretty much worn out, it had good pop and i liked it more than my element but i was wondering which other type of company has better or the best pop or if i should just stick to the almost company, i have heard than plan b are very good but id like to hear from you guys

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    Almost boards are really good....if u liked that one better than your element id try out an Enjoi board becuz they r made with the same wood and sumtimes the pop lasts longer and they are also sumtimes stronger...

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    I used to skate mini-logo decks all the time until i snapped my wrist in half..they are like 30 bucks and all around good deck. If you wanna get something a little more fancy then i would go with a Plan B or Habitat deck. Hope this helps

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    i wouldnt go for blank decks. i mean, sometimes u get a really good one, and sometimes u dont. almosts are good, and ive heard that enjoi's are like the same exact thing. personally my favorite is the Popwar Drops Technical boards. check those out the pop is insane. oh and any of the new technology stuff like the Rev Deck or whatever, dont go for it it's worthless. dont get an element or a world industries or a blind, they're the worst. the rest is basically personal preference

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    Blank decks are the best becasue they have the same pop and better shapes in my opinion and are cheaper.

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    not one from walmart. make sure you get one from an authorized deck dealer, or it prolly sucks.

    has cheap decks but theyre of good quality, my friend gets his off of there.

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