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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & Gear · 1 decade ago

Why does Oblivion (for xbox360) take so long to load?

Every time I load Oblivion it takes FOREVER!!! I just got the 360 for x-mas and I got Oblivion today BRAND NEW! What do I do?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I really don't know, the game just has long loading times. Your best bet is to wait out the loads. There might be an update for the game, so hope for that too.

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  • 3 years ago

    Fallout is the recent Oblivion, inspite of the indisputable fact that Oblivion is the first sport i performed that confirmed me what my xbox can do, and how impressive the engine is after I killed a rock monster on a hill and each peace rolled down in my opinion. once you've in no way performed it, I easily have offered it two times, and if I considered the only you're speaking about, i might want to purchase it, and that i in no way play any RPG video games, that change into my first, that were given me into the more moderen Fallout 3. it truly is likewise by Bethesda. so ascertain you get both, yet yeah that sport you've has further stuff that expenses allot, so that you're paying that fee for what i payed for merely the game without upload-ons. i'm ashamed to assert I placed an basic (over) 250 hours on that masterpiece. It made sport of the year so if you're actually not getting it, get Fallout 3. those video games might want to be performed always, and in no way lose interest, like you may want to in Prototype when you beat it in an afternoon. strong sport, once you get by being a noob at it, and element up, n up.

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