how do you advice someone to not get wasted on holidays like new years eve?

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    I don't know, Are they an Alcoholic? If they are then they have hot lines you can refer them too, If they are just out having fun like billions of other people in the world them maybe you are worrying about nothing and you should lighten up and have fun. Not everyone idea of fun is the same as yours. I guess you should have been more specific about the problem.

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    You don't.

    Holidays and New Years Eve are great times to get a little "spirited".

    Nothing wrong with enjoying alcohol. Just don't drive, or drink vodka for breakfast.

    It's pretty simple really. Everything in moderation. You get a little tipsy a few times a year... So what? You think that's any worse for you than the people who eat Combo #2 at McDonald's three times a week? Or the air we breathe on a daily basis? Or the water we drink? Living will kill you, it's a fact, so accept it.

    Lighten up and enjoy your life.

    And to all those that think emotional manipulation is a great way to get someone not to drink....get some help...please. Stop projecting your over compensations onto others.

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    Sorry to say but you can not. Alcohol poisoning is cool to do these days.

    Screaming and yelling that drugs are bad, but alcohol is OK. I do not get it myself!!

    I guess each one has to learn on there own that it is not cool or healthy thing to put a body through. Maybe if they have there stomachs pumped or a bad enough hang over from the alcohol poisoning they may realize some day it is not cool. Alcohol is a real drug with real consequences.

    You could tell the person the cops are out in force tonight...

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    just look at the facts,to have a good happy new year - well is it worth to get wasted,im 52 i:ve been a drunk all my life an a dumbass dopehead for the last 20 years ,I ask Meself take a chance IS IT REALLY WORTH now say hell no it aint,them laws in missouri an most other states are gettin to strick these days IS IT WORTH IT!!!!! hell no-an if you gonin to get wasted,say to yourself IS IT WORTH TO HAVE A HANGOVER,well i can or could have one-but bein 52 them ole hangover day need to be GOONE.( MIXSTUFF)have a HAPPY-HAPPY new year

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    very difficult at this time in the evening....

    if it is a parent or caregiver, forget it....

    if it is a spouse or lover, it depends on how fresh your relationship is and what are the benefits of staying sober in their eyes....

    if it is your child, you might want to show them the internet page re drunk driver killings

    But mostly it will be a tough campaign since it is a culturally-celebrated drunk event in many countries. Maybe you could work on what to do "next year" as part of your New Year's Resolution?

    All the best, and Happy New Year!

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    Advise is just as is is..You can't stop people who are hell bent on getting wasted.I get bored with that stuff myself..

    Best thing to do if you are going to be with people like that is to be the DESIGNATED DRIVER...That's just a glorified babysitter,I know , but your friends will get home safely.....


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    People are gonna be stupid and do what they want to do anyways. Just rest assured that you are the smart one for even asking a question like that, instead of just wanting to be one of the one's getting wasted.

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    usually they don't listen anyhow, but you can ask them why they do it. get them to think about it. it is their choice anyhow. if you try to force your sensibility on them, they will only feel annoyed. so, don't be too forceful & respect their right to make their own choices. reminding them of their choice of limiting their alcohol intake along with the money they will save are all good suggestions apart from possible moral dilemmas.

    oooo.... video taping their drunken activities & then playing it back to them sober just might get your point across.

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    I'm not sure you really can if they have there minds made up. Just pray for them and hope for the best.

    God Bless and have a wonderful New Year !

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    Tell them the consequences of being "wasted".

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