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panasonic car cd player plugs?

i have a panasonic cq-df601u cd player and i need to know the wireing harness plug specs has a black plug in


i need to know what wires go where on the cd players plug becuse i lost the original plug and cant find one any where

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  • Corey
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    1 decade ago
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    most of the wiring harnesses are made universal or close to it.. i got mine at wal-mart.. if your looking for a wiring guide then that should be in your handbook that came with the radio. I had to sauder the matching wires from the wiring harness to the new wires that attached to the indash radio/cdplayer. most of that stuff is color coded so its easy. i hope that helps.. i dont quite know what u mean by "plug specs" and "black plug in" -- unless u mean once u get the harness how you connect the harness to the wires that connect to the back of the cdplayer. and that answer is saudering the matching wires together the way the guide tells you to. if you dont know what im talking about then have a pro do it.

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