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i need a formula that adds 1 number to next line in Excel Ex. (name/07/0001 to name/07/0002) going down the pg

I want it to look like this in excel



I would like to be able to put the number in the first line and it total up the rest automaticaly from that. Thanks for any help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If I'm not misunderstood with what you need, try to do this. First, format the character i.e. "Name/07/0001" (without the apostophe)(into General), Secondly, go to the right hand corner of the cell that contains "Name/07/0001" until the cursor changed into a small black Plus sign, left click the mouse, hold and drag down the cell. When you do, you will see that everytime you scroll down the cells, the numbers will change from 0001 to 0002, ...03 and so on.

    Hope that's help.

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  • 1 decade ago

    from what i know, excel already has this built-in feature. you just need to type in, for example, Name/07/0001 and then point your mouse pointer on the lower right corner of the cell & drag it down till it fills up all the cells you need to fill, incrementing each cell by 1. of course, this is if the cell contain pure numbers. don't know if your setup would work. try it anyway. hope somebody figures out a more scientific answer.

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